Credit: Treadwell Park

Even though the New York Mets lost last night in the wildcard game of the MLB Playoffs, there is still plenty of time and games to enjoy as the season progresses.  Luckily, we have found three different locations sprawled in and out of Manhattan for you to enjoy some great food and drink while rooting for your favorite team!

Take a look at the places we think are worth stopping by.

Credit to: Treadwell Park
Credit to: Treadwell Park

Upper East Side

Treadwell Park

Treadwell Park is the ultimate gaming destination for the fall sports season! The dynamic craft beer hall on the Upper East Side offers delectable grub, inventive cocktails, complimentary self-serve popcorn and to top it off…Pinball, Ping-Pong and Foosball, so customers can play games while they watch the games. Led by celebrated Certified Cicerone®, Anne Becerra, Treadwell Park offers 20 draught beers and ciders (which rotate weekly), cask beer and hand-crafted artisanal cocktails made from independent spirits. To elevate the beer-drinking experience, the hall also features an ultra-exclusive on-site flux capacitor, which ensures perfect beer every time, controlling the exact gas blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide for each beer recipe and serving it as it’s best scientifically engineered. These brews and cocktails are complemented with a curated menu including in-house smoked beef brisket sandwiches, smoked crispy wings, Kimchi pancakes and grass-fed burgers.  Guests can also enjoy a selection of seasonal “Beer Floats” featuring unique ice cream flavors.  For more information, visit

Credit: Tender
Credit: Tender

Midtown West

Tender Lounge

If you’re looking for all the pleasures of our fine dining restaurant in a more casual atmosphere, Tender Lounge is the place for you.  The lounge serves sophisticated pub fare, as well as the more refined delicacies such as their mouthwatering sushi from their Tender Steak & Sushi Restaurant, in a fun, festive, and friendly environment. Tender Lounge is the ideal midtown hangout for after work cocktails, catching up with friends, grabbing a bite to eat, or watching the big game.   It offers a cool, relaxed environment with nine 55” inch HDTVs, two 80” projectors, craft beers and artisan cocktails.  Come chill in the coolest lounge in Time Square.  For more information, visit

Credit to: Zeppelin Hall
Credit to: Zeppelin Hall

Jersey City

Zeppelin Hall Biergarten & Barbecue

Known for its tree-lined garden, delicious eats and extensive beer list, Zeppelin Hall is an authentic European style biergarten with the added bonus of a mouth watering supplemental BBQ menu perfect for watching all the games this year. The venue is comprised of three indoor rooms and an expansive tree lined outdoor garden. For game time Zeppelin Hal boats five giant high definition screens and four flat screens to watch the games, with the largest being 200 inches across. Featuring communal table seating arrangements, Zeppelin Hall acts as a living room for the local neighborhood and New Yorkers alike. There tantalizing menu selections include BBQ Brisket, St. Louis style ribs and slow smoked pulled pork. Pair any of these with their 100-plus beers for the ultimate way to let the games begin!  For more information, visit

Happy MLB Playoffs everyone!