Exercising has to be one of the hardest activities for people to keep up with, especially if you have so much going on like the typical New Yorker does.  When people know it’s time to workout they don’t like to compare their training to a humdrum routine, they want an activity that is just as fast paced as their lifestyle. And fast paced is what you will get with ChaiseFitness.

ChaiseFitness incorporates experimental exercises that produce lean muscles and increase flexibility that was founded by a mother/daughter pair. Rachel & Lauren Piskin both have an extensive background in health/wellness with Lauren being an experienced figure skater and Rachel being a credible ballet dancer.

With both of their skill sets they came up with this innovative workout to keep up with the buoyant lifestyle of New Yorkers.

chaise_reinvention_1_rgb_loresImagine walking into a class room where there is a bungee system coming down from the ceiling along with this unique fitness chair sitting under it. An instant rush of butterflies and adrenaline will soon consume you as you mentally prepare yourself for this workout.

The Chaise Reinvention class is their signature class and is perfect for beginners.

In this class your stamina, balance and control will be tested all while relying on a bungee cord to maintain you. It’s not as scary as it sounds, considering the instructor is right there to aid you if you need help transitioning from chair to air!  How thrilling!

4-chaiselongandlean-desktopThe best thing about ChaiseFitness is the diverse choices of classes that utilize the signature chair or just the bungee system for all levels.

And with locations all over the city this makes it perfect for the everyday New Yorker to join in. Don’t be scared and test your endurance with ChaiseFitness!  For more information, check out their official site.