Ever ask yourself why a mixed tequila drink is mostly known for summer indulgence? I mean what are tequila enthusiast suppose to do in the colder months.

Tequila Cocktails is the 4th installation to Brian Van Flandern’s award winning book series where he highlights an array of mixed tequila drinks. Assouline Publishing is responsible for circulating this book, so of course we can expect it to be an informational conversation starter like the rest of their books.

This book places emphasis on the history of tequila along with the production of it and after reading through it you will have a better understanding of why some versions are smoother than the others.

This edition introduces sixty classic and innovative recipes, from six variations of the Margarita to an Anejo New Fashioned & a Tequila Mockingbird.

img_61501Due to Brian being extremely credible in the world of spirits, this makes him insightful when deciding what ingredients should be used when devising exotic drinks.


The recipes go from a Mexican Mule to a Jalapeno Margarita, guaranteed to attract the attention of the people who normally don’t go for a tequila mix. The people who are a little skeptical on their drink making skills should have no dismay, this book includes plenty of simple recipes for any level mixologist to indulge.

tequila-cocktailsThere is sure to be a drink recipe in this book to get you through the winter and right back to the summer. To get more details on where to purchase the book click here.