Credit: YOTEL

Remember in grade school when the teacher arrived with a bag full of supplies and you instantly knew it was going to be a period full of joke cracking, Yoo-hoo sipping fun. Well this is same feeling I had when I walked into YOTEL the other day, exchanging the Yoo-hoo with wine of course.

YOTEL partnered with Ian Sklarsky to give guests the chance to recreate the hotels premiere cabin design. In seconds, a cardboard box went from a flat surface to a 3-D diYOrama, highlighting YOTELS smart bed’s, iconic floor patterns and dramatic city views.

diyorama_venue1For the month of November, guests will have the opportunity to use materials like feathers, glitter tape, pipe cleaners and plenty more to recreate their own cabin oasis.

This is the perfect way to create a hint of nostalgia for patrons as the longer nights and shorter days close in.

Best thing about this initiative is not only having the opportunity to skip down memory lane, but to have your design entered in a competition to win a free night stay at YOTEL.

diyorama_21The contest is simple, come to the mission control in the hotel and get those artistic juices flowing. Take a picture of the master piece and use the hashtag #diYOrama.

Remember have fun and become one with your inner 7 year old self.  For more information on YOTEL, check out their official site.  Also, check out our review of YOTEL here if you are interested in checking out what makes them so unique in the big apple.