Credit: Drinkmates

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and this means that gift giving ideas are starting to swarm around millions of people’s heads, especially Manhattanites!  For the man in your life, whether it is your boyfriend, husband, father or friend, there are a zillion things you can get them in order to give their holidays a little perk.  What are the best of the best in what you can get them to ensure a smile on their face?

Take a look at the items that should be on your must list for them this holiday season!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Credit: Calvin Klein
Credit: Calvin Klein

ETERNITY Calvin Klein Collector’s Edition

A modern twist inspired by contemporary art and metal sculptures, the iconic ETERNITY Calvin Klein bottle has been coated in a bright shade of green with a bold metallic finish that resembles a holiday ornament. The fragrance itself remains the same as the classic ETERNITY Calvin Klein, a refreshing fragrance that is exhilarating and distinctly masculine, with a cool, crisp edge and a warm, woodsy trail.

TOP: Mandarin, Sage, Galbanum

MID: Basil, Geranium, Lavender

DRY: Moss, Rosewood, Amber

PRICING: The eau de toilette spray will be available for $78 (3.4oz) at Macy’s beginning in October through the holiday season

Credit: Calvin Klein
Credit: Calvin Klein

liquid gold euphoria Calvin Klein men

Strong and masculine, euphoria liquid gold enters a world of luxury overwhelmed by an addictive desire. The spicy black pepper creates a vibrant, sparkling effect, while the refined, complex saffron exudes a unique signature. The creamy sandalwood introduces the smooth and sensual quality of the scent. The fragrance is cast in a modernized refined matte gold shell and shiny black opaque glass.

Top:    Black Pepper

Mid:     Saffron

Dry:     Sandalwood

Pricing: The eau de toilette spray will be available for $85 (3.4oz) at Macy’s beginning in October

Credit: Gucci
Credit: Gucci

GUCCI Guilty Platinum Edition Pour Homme

A limited edition version of the fragrances inspired by the urban, romantic universe of Alessandro Michele. Embodying the season’s celebrative mood, the bottle is wrapped in platinum-hued metal, and feature glass windows with an interlocking G design revealing the scent within. Matte black outer packing is defined with Gucci’s distinctive interlocking Gs finished in the same gleaming platinum shade.

PRICING: Available for $88 (90ml) at Macy’s, Sephora & Nordstrom

Credit: Drinkmates
Credit: Drinkmates


Drinkmate is the latest in at home carbonation. Unlike other at home beverage carbonators, Drinkmate enables easy at-home carbonation of ANY beverage from juices, cocktails, iced tea, and even beer.

Drinkmate features:

The Drink Mate is the ONLY carbonation beverage maker that allows the user to carbonate ANYTHING

Quick connect BPA-free bottles and detachable bottom cap

Push-button customized food-grade CO2 carbonation

Patented Fizz Infuser allowing for controlled carbonation and easy cleaning

Multi-valve system

Superior fit and finish

Contemporary design

Available in swan white, matte black and metallic red

Small footprint to keep countertops uncluttered

MSRP $109.99

Available from Amazon and

A great review by Wired comparing Drinkmate with Soda Stream can be seen here: