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Today marks the official start of the holiday season, as millions of people around our country will be celebrating with family, friends and loved ones.  With the holidays can come stress, sadness and sometimes a lot of negative feelings that people can bring on themselves as it can be a tough time of the year.  We here at Manhattan Digest always strive to find the light and positivity in everything, so we compiled a list of what is the happiest moment in our readers life.

Happiest moments come in so many ranges, from births, marriages, professional moments and so much more, but it can remind us of a time where sheer bliss was in full effect and the worriment of the world goes away, even for a brief second.  I was elated when our readers supplied us with their happiest moments, as it brought a tear or two to my eye and reminded me of the good that is in this world.

Take a look at what each of them said.  No matter how difficult things can be this holiday season- always find your happy.

“To date, my master’s graduation. It was mixed with a little sadness that my mom wasn’t here to see it, but otherwise the happiest day in a long time.”- Jon S.

“Seeing my name on the big screen”– Chris R.

“For me, it is having a wonderful supportive partner and a family that loves me. Friends that are then when I need them especially one that I can relate by these articles you write! I am very happy about what I am witnessing in my life”- Alex S. 

I have two- when my nephews were born and when I was granted access to the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet.”– Ryan S.

Every time I have seen my Icon Madonna in concert.”- Alex W.

“Realizing I am the only one responsible for my own happiness. Its a wonderful lesson to learn.”- Marc B.

“It’s a tie of 3. 1) Finding myself in the USA after crossing thru Mexico at age 19.  2) The day I got my green card.  3) The day my husband and I got the keys to our house two years ago.”- Gustavo M.

“1) Graduating college, 2) Graduating Army boot camp, 3) Repeal of DADT.”- Phillip F.

“Marrying my husband 32 years ago,the birth of my two daughters and the birth of Porter my grandson!! Oh and crossing the finish line of 3 marathons!”-Leslie W.

“There are many. But the most recent was when I received tenure as a teacher a year and a half ago. It was a reminder that hard work pays off.”- Andrew S.

“The day I came out to my family…. that liberating and life changing feeling that comes with the freedom to be who you really are and knowing that the people you love and admire the most loves you back for who you are have no price.”– Alejandro H.

“When I meet my birth mother for the first time”– Jos L.

“The moment i landed in Chicago O’Hare from the middle east knowing that i already am a legal refugee of the USA and that the fear for my life that being gay caused me back in the middle east is all behind me now”.- Mustafa N.

“Having my son.”- Elizabeth R.

What’s your happiest moment?