Sushi Seki
Credit: Paul Wagtouicz

Manhattan runs the muck when it comes to sushi restaurants here.  There are only a hand full of them that stand out as innovative in terms of the execution of each sushi roll and a myriad of other dishes as well.  Sushi Seki, with multiple locations across Manhattan, is one of the few that does this and so much more based on my recent trip to their Hell’s Kitchen location.

Their Hell’s Kitchen location on West 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue played host to our latest tasting, and we were treated to such an intense variety of sushi as well as oysters, fish and so much more.  Sushi Seki provides an absolutely stunning location, which doesn’t capture the eye from the outside view.  With two gorgeous levels inside of it, you are transported from the cold streets of Manhattan into a lush Japanese world that is warm and inviting upon your first step inside.

Sushi Seki
Credit: Paul Wagtouicz

They seated us upstairs, right by the sushi chefs station where we got a birdseye view of what they were preparing.  The service was impeccable, and we left feeling full without being stuffed, which is important for any kind of restaurant.

Here is what they prepared for us that we think you should try the next time you are at Sushi Seki.  For starters, they had us try their Daikon & Kinoko, which is a Braised Daikon and Japanese Mushrooms in Kudzu Ankake.  I am not too familiar with Daikon, however the texture of it blended really well with the tasty mushrooms and broth from the Kudzu Ankake.  A great and warm starter for a cold Manhattan day.

Sushi Seki
Credit: Ryan Shea

We got to try a phenomenal variety of their fish selections, including their Kumamoto Oyster, Tako Yawarakanislow poached octopus and Ebi Shinjominced shrimp wrapped in shiso leaf tempura. The oyster was a one bite delicacy, which enveloped a ton of flavor in your mouth.  I also really enjoyed the octopus which was poached to perfection, and as I am a shrimp lover of all kinds, their Shinjo had a lot of depth inside the shisho leaf.

Sushi Seki
Credit: Sushi Seki Facebook Page

Onto the sushi, which completely blew our minds with each one that we tried.  They have so many options for their fresh sushi, but these were the ones they provided and we enjoyed each thoroughly:

Blu Fin Toro and Pickled Daikon Tartare

King Salmon and Tomato Sauté

Madai and Sea Salt, Lemon juice

Fluke and Shiso Tempura, topped with Blue Fin Akamai
Hamachi Jalapeño
Chopped Eel and Avocado
Spicy Hotate Hand Roll
All were amazing, no doubt, but the ones that really stuck out to me was the Hamachi Jalapeno and the King Salmon.  The latter stuck out because I never thought about having a tomato saute on a sushi roll, but with how great the salmon tasted, it all came together.  I am a big proponent of spice, so the Hamachi paired with the Jalapeno really gave it an amazing kick and a great end to our meal. 10/10 easily in our books, and I rarely say that about any restaurant but the experience was great and one you should try in the near future.

Sushi Seki is also planning a delicious six course tasting menu with optional beverage pairing for you to enjoy bringing in the new year at.  The six course meal includes:

Oyster Trio or Maguro Avocado

Beef Tatki or Aburi Salmon

Sashimi Omakase

Gindara Yuzumiso-Yaki

Nigiri Sushi Omakase


Sushi Seki
Credit: Paul Wagtouicz

For more information on Sushi Seki, check out their official site.