Sky Katz
Credit: Rick Eberle

It is rare to find someone of the millennial generation whose musical influences are 90’s hip-hop, especially when they haven’t even started high school yet!  Sky Katz happens to be one of them.  At only 11 years old, Sky made a huge impression recently with her rapping abilities on NBC’s monster hit show “America’s Got Talent”.  Now she plans on tackling the music industry in a big way with two hit new singles that will hopefully open the doors for her in the hip hop world.

Sky Katz is a New York native, more specifically Long Island (represent), and has been rapping and showcasing her skills since she was 5 years old.  Crazy!  With modern influences including Drake and Nicki Minaj to legends in the game like Rakim and Nas, Sky has an understanding about the hip hop world and is showcasing that with her songs “Haters” and “Long Way to Go”.

I recently spoke with Sky about her skyrocketing career, influences, thoughts on her new songs and her love of basketball.  Check it out.

What was the overall experience on “America’s Got Talent” like?

The experience on Americas Got Talent was awesome! It got me where I am today and it was so cool!

Were you scared of Simon at all during it?

I was not scared of Simon at all! He was so nice and really enjoyed my performance!

It is rare to find someone your age who find influence in old school rappers like Rakim and Nas.  What brought on this inspiration?

My inspiration to like old school is probably because of my parents. They grew up in queens and were surrounded by hip hop (old school.) They raised me listening to old school rap so that’s why I love it!

Do you have a favorite rapper of all time?

My favorite rappers are Biggie Smalls and Nicki Minaj.

Sky Katz
Credit: Rick Eberle

Tell us about your singles “Haters” and “Long Way to Go”.

My single “Haters” is about showing my haters that I don’t care what they think nor say, I’m just gonna keep doing my thing. My other single “Long Way To Go” is about us all coming together to try and end gun violence. It’s a terrible tragedy going on in the world and we have to put an end to it. I’m spreading the message through music and hopefully people will learn from it.

I see you also do basketball!  Do you think there will be a career there as well?

Yes, I think I can have a career in basketball. I want to play basketball and then at halftime I can perform.

For more information on Sky Katz, check out her official site.