Valentine's Day, Valentines Day

Boxes of chocolate, flowers and lingerie.  If those three words are in the same sentence, chances are that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Not that we don’t appreciate the holiday, yet it may be time for couples to actually consider their mates interest for a gift.

If you have a book lover as a partner then Assouline has JUST the gift set for them.  Manhattan’s Babe , by Frédéric Beigbeder, is the first illustrated novel from Assouline and any person who has an appreciation for the enchantment of New York’s history will value this gift 10 times over.

postcard-2The gift box features a beautiful novel and 8 custom postcards with illustrations made by Rafael Alterio. The novel highlights a fictional love story that takes place in 1941 around WWII. The two main characters (J.D Salinger & Oona O’Neil) passionate love story is told and how their love was forced to end due to the war. This is the ideal time to read about a love affair that tried to fight through adversary.

The postcards included ties that “old love” charm together, bringing reminiscent to a time when writing your emotions in ink meant something.

postcard-1If your lover is one who get joy out of timeless gifts then this would be right up their alley. To read more details on this gift box and where to purchase click here.