Credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors Facebook

Marie Flanigan, besides having a successful interior design company in Houston also has a reputation all over the country. She has also been awarded the rising design star of 2015 by Traditional Home periodical. According to her design is a diverse perspective as you go in hunting the latest trends, the trends that the people really want.

Credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors Facebook
Credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors Facebook

Fresh from witnessing the entire if what the design business had on offer in 2016, she shares a number of her thoughts on the trends and elements of that would become big in the upcoming months. In the section below we discuss her views on the upcoming trends in furniture.

Earthy Pastel Shades on Furnishings

It appears though Pantone has one again properly trend-spotted an up-and-coming color format, with its selection of the unearthly peacefulness and Rose Quartz hues. According to Flanigan a theme that will be popular is the theme depicting the soft aspect of spring, which is spring shades in a mud tone sort of way. An example such a tone is lavender and blush. It’s a rather organic palette, subdued, having feminine lines, numerous curves as well as softer silhouettes. And the greater part of this is completed in an incredibly customized, fresh way to lend a softer appearance. This can be painted on wooden furniture sot could make the cushions and covers if seats and sofas.

Mixed Metals

An additional big splash is mixed metals. Though gold and brass are still visible polished silver and nickel has made a strong comeback. There is also a fresh metallic finish, which is white plaster. Most designers have spotted numerous light furniture of white that are characterized by their incredibly organic finish. There are also chairs and beds made this way.  It is a fact that a number of manufacturers were apprehensive about the robustness of plaster-used resin processed to resemble plaster. However, many of the present day designers are extremely fond of the new Bernhardt assortment, principally the Palma bed. Bernhardt made use of white plaster for the entire assortment and the feeling was really California chic.

Traditional Looks Made Up-To-The-Minute

Burled wood during the art deco era, archetypal campaign furnishings and additional vintage appearances had been front and core at High Point and they were frequently modernized with present-day materials / textures.  According to Flanigan the remaking of historic units is a classic aspect that she is attracted to. An instance is a chair at Worlds Away that has drawn inspiration from an office chair if 1950s of Pierre Jeanneret.

Foolproof Textiles Fir Furniture’s

Flanigan and many other designers have vouched to witnessing an inclination towards anti-stain fabric in nearly all collections. Crypton, a manufacturer of anti-stain fabric, has done the funding of the entire show of this season. And they state that have seen this trend among their patrons, as well. People are keen on homes that are stunning and elegant and also liveable. People are out to make items more purposeful. A great instance is the sofa of high-end designer from France who states that in spite of its velvety appearance it’s 40% polyester and thus won’t crush.

Natural Texture

People are very fond of natural texture overall and this includes rattan, cane, abaca. Designers also like the very much. A recent trend is adding more texture to furniture for storage of Natural Texture by lacquering, by upholstering, by placing texture at the back of glass, and more. If you want to add more zing to your storage furniture by placing acrylic sheets you’ll find a great stock of acrylic sheets at Cut My Plastic.


  1. I’ve been noticing the mixed metal trend a lot recently. I just had my bedroom done by the people over at and now i’m going to hire them to do my living room as well. I’m thinking i’m going to see what they think about mixing metals!

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