Credit: Uncle Frank Facebook Page

Uncle Frank is not only your fun and crazy relative who you see during the holidays, but is also a super awesome funky & soulful band straight out of the UK! This band has worked with the likes of everyone from UB40 to Sinead O’Connor, and now they have a brand new album coming out to showcase their immense talents to the city of Manhattan and beyond!

Uncle Frank, made up of Multi-instrumentalists and producers Frank Benbini (also one third of The Fun Lovin’ Criminals) & Naim Cortazzi, have done a fantastic job over the past couple of years by blending a ton of great music genres together for fans to love.  They just released the first single “Tokyo” to much fanfare which will be off the new album “Love Lion” due out this March.

I sat down with one half of Uncle Frank (Frank Benbini) to discuss all of this and so much more.  Take a look.

How did you guys come together?

Frank – We came together thru music i was playing the scene in a few projects back then, and Naim saw me play introduced himself to me and we became best friends – the rest is history- and way back around the same time i set my brother on the musical path which he took too like a duck to water.

This is only the second “Uncle” artist I know besides Uncle Kracker.  What was the inspiration for the name?

Frank – it really came from being the head of the family I’m like the fixer ‘need something go see the Uncle he will sort it’ like a loveable bear that can on occasion bite. Haha

Your sound is very eclectic.  Can you sum it up in 3-4 words?

Frank -I can sum it up in 3 = We Love Prince

You have worked with some amazing artists.  Who has been your favorite to collaborate with so far?

Frank – Ali Campbell from UB40 is just great.  Sinead O’Connor was lovely to work with too.

What do you think is the biggest difference between the UK & NYC music scene?

Frank – the audience is very different move at a different pass, hard to get the time with people in NYC as it moves quick, but if you do they can be come very loyal. U.K. Depends where I love playing north very real people I’ll leave it there.

What can your fans expect from the new album?

Frank – the best body of music we have put captured to date. Turn it up and love it. Do it.. it’s real.

Hopeful goals for the future?

Frank -Tour. Tour. Tour. And play some festivals in the states and South America Asia etc.

For more information on Uncle Frank, check out their official website here.