DiMi Marc, FMOTC
Credit: DiMI Marc

Boston-based collective Find Me On The Cloud, otherwise known as FMOTC, released their debut album today called “Writing Love Letters”.  After their first successful single called “Set it Off” was released, people were anxiously awaiting the release of this amazing first effort from a scene in New England that is starting to make waves across the music universe.  After taking a first listen to this, I can truthfully say that they won’t be let down.

FMOTC consists of Long Island’s very own DiMi Marc, who I have profiled a bunch of times on Manhattan Digest and many other sites.  The better version of Drake is joined by FreshfromDE, who also had a big day today as his solo song effort “High On Myself” became available to the public as well. Rounding out is Jam’n 94.5’s DJ DCaso as the group’s resident DJ.

The nine song efforts has some standouts for sure.  I raved about “Set it Off” in a previous article, which only provided a short snippet of the entire song.  It really is fantastic, and can easily be a huge R&B song if the opportunity presents itself.  The repeating drum beat in the background easily makes you bop your head back and forth, but DiMi’s vocals are smooth like butter and makes this a “track on repeat” for sure.

I am a sucker for male/female duets, and my favorite song off this whole album is “Used To”, which features the efforts of rising talent Danielle Maglente, who has done some pretty impressive covers of her own including songs by Shawn Mendes and Solange.  Also featured on this track are the stylings of Dan Rodman, who collectively bring this song to the breakup tracks of the 90’s, but with a modern style.  Danielle’s voice is incredibly powerful, and DiMi switches it up with his fantastic rapping skills to make this song amazing.

Another great track from “Writing Love Letters” is “Need an Answer”, which has a more upbeat kick to it.  This whole album has a lot of pain to it, which evokes in many of its tracks, in particular this one.  I love DiMi vibes so unbelievably well throughout, and the fast past-slow paced elements throughout are truly fantastic.

Overall, the album is freaking fantastic and I highly recommend you taking a listen for yourself.  To hear the album in its entirety, check out this link.  Be on the lookout for more about them individually and as FMOTC here in future articles.