Crunch, Crunch Gym
Credit: Crunch Gym

And to no surprise that is the name of this brand spanking new class, SweatShed. SweatShed is delivered to you by Crunch and combines many high intensity, interval workouts all in 50 minutes.

I know if you’re like me, when your hear 50 minutes you start to think about how am I going to survive, nevertheless don’t worry, you will. The music pumping along with the people in your circuit will motivate you to keep going!!

This class features a variety of exercises that utilizes many of unique equipment like the rowing machine, dumbbells and TRX cables (just to name a few) to give participants the utmost sweat.


A handfull of the credible trainers at Crunch came up with different circuits, therefore allowing each class to be contrasting from the last. To bring this workout to the next level while visually seeing your progress, individuals can use heart-rate monitors, this helps keep track of pace as you go along. The TV screens connected to the monitors tend to change colors along the way to make you feel at ease when you’re pushing yourself.

All workouts should be entertaining and SweatShed fits right into that category. The idea of working as a group and changing stations, challenges you yet motivates you to keep going.

IMG_8844Suitable for all fitness levels, this makes for the perfect class to start working on your summer body, even though we should’ve started that already.

This class is only offered at Crunch on 59th Street which adds to the exclusively of this workout. Best thing about it is you do not have to be a Crunch member to indulge. You can sign up on the site and choose packages like you would at any boutique studio.

And for those already Crunch members, they get discounts on offered packages- no excuses people!

The next time you contemplate nourishing on that plate of pasta, put that money into building stamina with SweatShed and let us know how you like it!!