Credit: Wingstop

I’m always down to get some wings, no matter what my mood.  Seriously they are some of my favorite types of food in the world, and Wingstop is one of the best locations to try them out! Wingstop has locations all over the United States, yet its primary one in Manhattan is located right off the 2/3 train on 125th and Lenox.  I got word that they introduced a brand new flavor to their wing line called Brazilian Citrus Pepper, so naturally I made my way uptown to see what all the fuss is about!

Here is what I knew about this new flavor prior to trying it out- The new Brazilian Citrus Pepper wings are dusted in a bold dry rub bursting with zesty citrus and piri piri peppers. Compared to other well-known spices, the African-native piri piri (Swahili for “pepper, pepper”) is a staple in Brazilian cooking and delivers an impeccable slow-burn taste that packs a punch at the end of every bite. This flavor-first, spice-last profile promises a little something extra – and exotic – for wing fans craving some sweet heat with a refreshing twist.

That’s all and good, but I had no idea about the FLAVOR EXPLOSION I was going to receive once I took my first bite.  These wings are absolutely delicious and have such an amazing depth to its incredibly flavor with the citrus and peppers that really balance out the spice that goes in it.  It’s enough for me to go back for more and more, as this is one wing I will not be missing out on.  Only available until May 28th though, so I’ll become one of their frequent visitors over the next two months.

I also tried some of their other flavors and side dishes, which were equally as good.  Their Original Hot and Lemon Citrus are just bomb all around, especially the Lemon Citrus which is has such a freshness to it and will be a big hit in the warmer months.  Their coleslaw was a tasty side and their fresh made buns were honestly the best i have had in a very long time!  Overall, a great experience and I look forward to going back.

For more information on Wingstop, please check out their official site.