Amy's Kitchen
Credit: Amy's Kitchen

For all you vegans, vegetarians and people who simply like an alternative to meat every once in a while, this coming Monday marks National Vegetarian Burger Day!  To celebrate, Amy’s Kitchen will be trucking through New York City this coming Monday with their Amy’s Drive Thruwhere they will be giving out some free goodies for all to try!

We all know and love Amy’s Kitchen products, in and out of Manhattan.  The company celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, where back in 1987 where Andy and Rachel Berlinger came up with a concept to develop tasty organic vegetarian meals that felt like they were homemade.  Now they are available in supermarkets across the country and are flying off the shelves every time I stop by my local store. (The Broccoli Cheddar Bake Bowl being my personal favorite!)

Credit: Amy’s Kitchen

Now, they are taking their Drive Thru and parking their behinds in Astor Place on Cooper Square and East 8th Street where between 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, they will be giving away their fries, lemonade and a veggie burger to devour!  How awesome is that?

Credit: Amy’s Kitchen

I love this concept that Amy’s Kitchen is doing, in that it is replacing what we usually see with fast food at almost every corner in every town all across the country, and replacing it with heart healthy options that has just as much taste as what you would normally get.  Their normal items on the menu include Organic Burritos, Salads, Pizza, Soup and so much more. The pizza items look heavenly to me as you can have everything from spinach to margherita and so much more!  Hopefully this won’t be the last time they stop by our great city and treat us to such fantastic food!

For more information on Amy’s Kitchen, please check out their official website!  Happy (healthy) eating everyone!