Forever In Your Mind

Forever in Your Mind has gone through quite the transition over the past four years.  For one, it’s hard for anyone in the music industry to get past the “Reality TV” stigma that many of them face, however these three guys seemed to have done this seamlessly by getting themselves out there for their thousands of fans to see and hear.  With the X Factor well behind them, Forever in Your Mind now has a new goal in tact- music superstardom.

The band, two of which hail from New York in my hood of Long Island, consists of Emery Kelly, Ricky Garcia, and Liam Attridge, are taking the music world by storm with the release of their first EP “FIYM” and their latest single “Smooth”, which has almost 500,000 hits on YouTube alone.  They aren’t just succeeding in the music world, but also on the small screen as Garcia stars on the hit Disney Channel show “Best Friends Whenever”, and now there is talk for all the guys to do their own series that involves them acting and singing.  Not too shabby.

Their music has a great pop-rock sound, without the cheesiness of the boy bands of yesteryear.  That is just one of the topics that I covered with Forever in Your Mind, in how they came together, breaking the boy band mold, favorite celebrity they have met so far, and what is next for this talented trio.  Take a look.

Forever in Your Mind

So how did the three of you come together to form your group?

Emery: Ricky and I are from the X Factor but the three of us were formed before our Manhattan show in front of 20,000 people.

Ricky: Emery and I were placed in a group on the X factor shortly after becoming friends through the show. Later down the road, our third original member had to forfeit the band and that’s when Liam was suggested by Emery’s family. Liam came to help out one weekend and it just worked.

Liam: I joined the band when Emery and Ricky needed a guitar player in New York… I got to perform for the first time in front of 20,000 people. Then management liked the look so I booked a one way to LA and never left.

Was the experience on The X Factor all that you wanted it to be?

Emery: Yes/No: It was a reality show, so there were some scripted parts.

Ricky: Yes, because it brought me to the band and team that I currently have. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Liam and Emery, I know you both are fellow Long Islanders like me. Do you have a favorite spot to eat at while at home?

Emery Seaport Deli in Port Jefferson.

Liam: My favorite place to eat when I go back to the island is Little Vincent’s pizza in Ronkonkoma.

You just released your new song “Smooth”. Can you tell our readers what it is all about?

Emery:  SMOOTH is about that gorgeous girl you see and you’re like “wow I gotta talk to her” and you do, and you’re SMOOTH about it, but what the guy doesn’t realize is that she is smoother than him and he’s like “oh my gosh I did not realize this lol”.

Ricky: Smooth is about having your eye on someone you’re really into and you are trying to put your best foot forward to impress that person or win them over, and they are always one step ahead of you, and you think, “dang that girls smooth”.

Liam: Smooth is a song basically about a girl who is smoother than you. You think you’re this hotshot but she is just smoother and cooler than you and you are blown away by her.

Forever in Your Mind

How do you deal with not falling into the “boy band” stigma in hopes that it will help you be taken more seriously?

Emery: I’m not affected by it at all. I’d rather not be in a category of a “boy band” I think we are an American pop music group.

Ricky:  I don’t really understand the whole boy band stigma, I feel as if great bands have come along and really paved a way for musicians and their careers. For example, NYSNC, that experience molded Justin Timberlake’s career. If my journey could look anything like his I would love to follow that path. The band is an experience and a learning curve which I’m happy to be apart of.

Liam: Trying to not fall into the boy band label is really hard. I think that the thing that’s different about us is that we are more than just singers. We love music and all have been doing it our entire lives. We are musicians with all of our heart and soul and want to help people and have our music help people around the world.

You have performed with some pretty big names in the biz. Favorite person you have met or performed with, and why?

Emery:  Favorite person I have met was Selena Gomez: OMG she’s so hot!

Ricky: I’m still waiting to meet some of my favorites such as Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars, but recently we met Selena Gomez which was awesome and we’ve also met Steven Tyler.

Liam: My favorite person I’ve met would have to be Steven Tyler. I’ve always been a huge fan of him and he was so down to earth.

What are you hopeful for with the future of the band?


Ricky: I want us to be able to tour more and share our music with our fans and the world. We have a lot to give and it’s our passion to do music so if we can bring that to people globally and make them happy while doing it, I’m all about it.

Liam: I hope that our music reaches tons of people and is able to help everyone and have a positive impact on their lives.

For more information on Forever in Your Mind, please check out their official website.