Gay Trippers
Credit: Gay Trippers NYC Facebook Page

Gay Trippers NYC goal is simple… get you and your friends together and go on journeys that you will remember for a lifetime.  With gay bars closing all around our city and app culture consistently on the rise, it can be hard to find those “in real life” experiences with your fellow gay friends as we have become so reliant on our smartphones to provide us with entertainment.  Gay Trippers still wants you to use those phones, but for taking photos when on these fabulous trips that they set you up on outside of Manhattan.

Whether its White Water Rafting, Dorney Park, Vineyard trips to Long Island or more, Gay Trippers wants you to have a blast on each trip you go on.  Get on the bus, kiki it up with your pals, and enjoy yourself.  Especially with the summer coming up, this sort of idea seems absolutely fab and one I might take on myself!

I sat down with founder of Gay Trippers NYC, John DeStefano, about why he formed this group, the importance of socializing in real life, and the fun events they have planned for the summer!

Credit: Gay Trippers NYC Facebook Page

What was your biggest inspiration in starting this group?

Having worked on 20+ Atlantis and RSVP cruises — as well as having media and sales industry expertise — is what initially inspired me to start Gay Trippers NYC.  I thought hard on it and said to myself ‘if this can work on a ship, why can’t it work on a bus?’  Of course, I was also inspired to make this happen from the support of my friends telling me what a great idea I had on my hands and persuaded me to pursue it. The final push was when I was getting breakfast one more at my local deli and saw a whitewater rafting brochure and now is the time!

Do you find that the “in real life” social world has minimized because of the app culture we are engulfed in?

There is still plenty of the social world.  However how we meet people and how we interact with people has changed.  If you want to meet guys you can go to the apps or a dating site, if you want to talk to your friends you text each other.  I still prefer to meet guys (and gals) the old-fashioned way: face to face.  Which is the kind of atmosphere I’m trying to create with Gay Trippers NYC.

What exactly goes into Gay Trippers NYC- is there a fee and what do you get with that?

People often get confused and think this is a club or a group.  It’s not.  Gay Trippers NYC is a tour company for the LGBT community, their friends and allies.  I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible.  Simply sign up and show up.  Purchase a trip online and get your behind on the bus.  Let the fun begin and leave the rest to me!  Plus, I book some great entertainment — drag queens and gay comedians and comediennes to grease the wheels.

Credit: Gay Trippers NYC Facebook Page

Any fun events coming up this month that our readers should know about?

I just released our summer schedule on!  On July 8, we have our Kayak/Winery trip, with comedian Adam Sank as our host.  On July 22, it’s going to be THE event of the summer — we are going to the Pines Party aboard the Shequida Express.  It’ll be epic!  And on August 5, we are going white water rafting, the host is TBD at this time.  We’re really trying to make out programming quite diverse.

What about travel outside of NYC- anything big coming up?

All of my trips are outside of NYC.  The idea being that we as New Yorkers don’t typically have cars or licenses for that matter.  My trips give you a chance to go to places you normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to go or do since we live the city.  You don’t have to worry about a car rental, gas, insurance, a license and can imbibe and be responsible.

What is your ultimate goal for Gay Trippers NYC? 

My ultimate goal is to make Gay Trippers a popular LGBT community brand in New York. It’s the same premise of doing an excursion on a cruise — except this time you’re on a bus and a lot cheaper.  I would love to bring the idea/concept to other major cities domestically and eventually internationally.

Credit: Gay Trippers NYC Facebook Page

For more information on Gay Trippers NYC, check out their official website.