Between The Shades
Beth Malone. Credit: Ighor Melo

Six letters make up the rainbow that is our community- LGBTQI, and as time has gone by each of those letters has shifted and shaped in so many different ways from its inception many years ago.  Jill Salvino’s documentary, Between the Shades, puts faces to those letters in an effort to figure out how our community got to where we are today in 2017.  The documentary will be one of the highlights at the Soho International Film Festival, premiering this coming Saturday at the Village East Main Theatre.

The trailer alone for this documentary is quite spectacular and interesting, as it dissects so many parts of the LGBTQI community and each person’s stories on how they came to identify as each.  Notable people in Between the Shades include Beth Malone (of Broadway’s Fun Home), actress Kathy Najimy and Democratic National Committee Treasurer Andrew Tobias.

Now that we are in June and in pride full swing, this documentary couldn’t come at a more crucial time for our community.  With all the political discourse going on around us, it is good that we have people like Jill Salvino and everyone who is participating to showcase that we are all in this together and that our visibility is as bright as it can be.

With it being nearly fifty years since The Stonewall Riots, it is a good idea to go see a documentary like this to truly see how far we have come.  For more information on tickets, please check out their official website.