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The first and best known acne system in the world, Proactiv, had a pretty big day on Friday when it had its first ever pop-up exhibit to help in the launch of their new system ProactivMD, a brand new line featuring Adapalene.  Not only was the exhibit absolutely fabulous, but they brought their wonderful spokesperson and actress Olivia Munn to help with the launch!

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Olivia, who many know from HBO’s The Newsroom and her role in X-Men: Apocalypse” was absolutely stunning in her blue dress as she emphatically greeted fans and members of the press who were there to experience this exciting event together.

PHOTO by: Joey Andrew/

So what’s the big deal with the new product that Proactiv has put out?  Popping zits releases dopamine – the “feel-good hormone.” In order to break habits driven by dopamine, it is most productive to do something else with your energy or find a suitable alternative. So Proactiv is helping to refocus the urge with a one-day only installation to celebrate the launch of its newest system, ProactivMD which includes Adapalene, a topical retinoid and the first new acne-fighting ingredient to be introduced to the OTC market in over 30 years.  How awesome is that?

The event took place at The Hole on 312 Bowery which was transformed into a gorgeous array of colors to coincide with the event.  Blue and white balloons, the same color as Proactiv, were placed throughout the location as well as a super fun room wrapped completely floor to ceiling in bubble wrap.  I mean, the whole event screamed INSTAGRAM WORTHY, and was!

Credit: Cassidy Sparrow

On top of all of this madness, they also had Sodastream on premises to provide all of us with some delicious soda-alternative drinks to sip on throughout the day, as well as PopRocks and popcorn which came with a ton of great flavors that I could’ve easily inhaled with how good they tasted.  And the DJ played some of the biggest hits from when I was growing up in the late 90’s-early 2000’s, so mixing colorful popcorn with Britney & Christina throwbacks just added onto the ambiance that was this fab event!

For more information on Proactiv and its new system, please check out their official website.


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