Filmmaker and Creative Producer (and superbly handsome) Sam Hendi is back with his second short film in his MADIDUS triolgy called MAGNANIMOUS.  The follow up to his critically acclaimed first film MASS: C19H2802 once again brilliantly showcases how men and body language intertwine absolutely beautifully.  On a visual and hearing level, this short film is something that needs to be seen by many as it highlights the beauty of men from a solo point of view but also when they have that amazing connection with another man.

Credit: Sam Hendi

Being seen as a “rare breed in masculine triumphalism”, MAGNANIMOUS, which is about fourteen minutes long, is set in a dream like world that follows a young man who is deep in his psychological nuances and within that shows the visions that are circling his mind that run the gamut on what male sexuality can be.

Credit: Sam Hendi

The backdrop to this is black with grey and white steam showing up every once in a while, with the music being set as somewhat like white noise yet adds a touch to the film that overall makes it a bonus to hear.  As in his first film, the men are bearish and hairy, ranging from muscle to husky which I personally love as it showcases the inclusion that this community has been striving to have for years.

There is no dialogue in this one as well, but it honestly doesn’t need it.  This is all visuals here, as the main character goes through a variety of men and shows everything from one shaving his body, another situation with two men feeding each other, to the warm embrace of holding one another that is each shot stunningly.

Credit: Sam Hendi

There is nudity in MAGNANIMOUS, however Sam does it in a way that is shown more as art than pornography that allows the viewer to be turned on by each of the cast members but in a more stimulating way of the mind as opposed to the front of your pants.  Each man is beautiful in their own way, and highlight themselves and their bodies effectively to show what the main character is visualizing that the person watching it can go along with as well.

You can see the film in its entirety here.  Sam brought together a group of fine specimens that include himself as well as Christopher Cragg, Gerard Floyd, Gerrard Woodward, Martin Bullock, Pearse Egan, Cassio Pieroni Trevisani, Louis Kwong and David Goldenberg.  I am extremely excited to see how this trilogy ends for Sam, and if MAGNANIMOUS is any indication of its progression, then I think the finale of this will be quite exciting in many different facets.

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