Credit: Andrew Werner

Throwback Thursdays have become huge around the world each and every week, where millions of people share old photos and reminisce about the good times from yesteryear.  SUSHI ROXX is taking that idea but putting it to good use in the music sense with their groovy 70’s themed dance party held each Thursday called Boogie Nights!  I took myself and friend there last week to get down with the get down, and here’s what happened.

Even without this being the theme, SUSHI ROXX already provides an ambiance that is splashed with color across its beautiful walls and spacious setting.  The reason for this is that it is unlike any other restaurant I have been to in Manhattan, in that it combines high quality sushi and related appetizers, entrees and desserts and mixes it with singing, dancing, acting and so much more to make it an incredibly live experience to enjoy.

The staff themselves are not only there to take your order, but are all professionally trained dancers, singers and actors who provide such amazing entertainment throughout the meal.  Take for instance the other night, where the guys and girls dressed like sparkly roller dancers complete with fro’s, pigtails and more which accentuated the look to a tee.  Throughout the night, they would get into the middle of the floor and belt out some of the biggest disco hits including “On The Radio”, “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, and so much more while doing some incredibly choreography that was intertwined within it.  I felt like I was at either a Sweet 16 or a wedding of sorts with how high the excitement was throughout the room, but that is truly the purpose with this experience.

The food and drink at SUSHI ROXX does not disappoint as well, as they curate some delicious cocktails and unique sushi combos that I have never tried before.  For starters, their Chicken Satay and Rock Shrimp Tempura was a great way to begin the meal.  The Satay came with its signature peanut sauce which was the perfect amount on the chicken skewer itself.  The Rock Shrimp had a sweet soy sauce on it, which made for a tangy appetizer that I would go back for seconds on.

The sushi rolls that I would recommend trying in a heartbeat was their Surf & Turf, which consists of Shrimp Tempura, Snow Crab, Avocado topped with Filet Mignon, Sweet Soy and a Yuzu reduction.  Who knew you could get all those decadent items onto one hearty bite?  You can and the taste is sensational.  Another stand out roll for us was their Big Mac, which came with Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Snow Crab, Bonito Flakes, Tobiko and Sweet Soy.  Consider this Big Mac the sushi version of what we commonly know that name as, as it packs a ton of flavors that marinated with each other very well.  Overall, SUSHI ROXX gave us not only a great meal but a great experience and if you are looking for something high energy and fun, this is the place to be.

For more information on SUSHI ROXX, check out their official website.