Bill's Bar & Burger
Credit: Bill's Bar & Burger

Bill’s Bar & Burger, with multiple locations throughout Manhattan, is simple in its approach of giving its audience some fantastic burger options with side dishes and appetizers that ring true to what a spot like this really should be.  Last night, I took a friend to their Meatpacking district location at 22 9th Avenue to experience the finger licking, shake slurping, and disco fries eating madness that is them.

We decided to dine al fresco, otherwise known as outside, which has a ton of perks given the weather and handsome men to stare at (kidding, not really).  The inside of Bill’s Bar & Burger has similarities to a diner, with a more modern take especially with how trendy the Meatpacking district really is.

The menu itself is pretty par for the course.  You have your usual appetizers, soups, salads, burgers and sides.  The latter two were the highlights of the evening, and given that this is a burger joint, I would hope for that to be true.

Credit: Bill’s Burger & Bar

That being said, here are two burger options that I recommend you trying the next time you are at Bill’s Burger & Bar.  They actually have an award winning burger from CNN called the Fat Cat.  This burger consists of caramelized onion, american cheese, special sauce, English muffin and ltp (lettuce, tomato, pickle).  What makes this burger so great is whatever is in this special sauce which I lovingly refer to as “crack” as it was addictive and made the burger that much better.  Also, kudos to them for having this on an English muffin which had a great texture in comparison to the burger itself.

Credit: Bill’s Burger & Bar

The Ranch Hand burger was another fantastic option, as it came on a pretzel bun which automatically made it sold in my eyes.  Outside of the pretzel bun, this burger comes with applewood bacon, onion mayo, Vermont cheddar, barbecue sauce, and ltp.  It is a huge bite, so you gotta have a big mouth to handle this sort of burger.  If you can, it is drippingly fantastic with the onion mayo and bbq sauce playing well with each other and the sharpness from the cheddar bringing the burger together.  Also, get an order of their Disco Fries or Sweet Potato Waffles Fries for the burger to become best friends with in your mouth.

Credit: Bill’s Burger & Bar

As for shakes, they excel in the common ones that include Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip, however they have a limited edition 4th of July Monster Shake that you must try!  This comes with fluffy cotton candy and creamy vanilla ice cream and is garnished with sprinkles.  Yum indeed!

For more information on Bill’s Bar & Burger, check out their official website.