Winning Play$
Credit: Bader Media

Winning Play$: Black Women, Feminism, & Empowerment took place this past Monday night at The Paley Center for Media. Winning Play$, which is run by Award-winning Financial Journalist & Author Stacey Tisdale, brought together an array of phenomenal women from all different backgrounds who came together for a fantastic panel that discussed everything from financial literacy, feminism, the strength of black women, and so much more that made for quite the delightful evening.

Stacey, who is a mainstay on a lot of the national shows we watch from “Today” and “Wendy Williams”, is an expert at financial literacy and takes her knowledge to help the upcoming generations.  She, along with the panel on stage, discussed their own version of where they got to now in hopes that it will inspire many others to do the same in the wake of dealing with your own adversity.

One of the members of the panel is feminism icon Gloria Steinem, who had some interesting facts on why she is such a staunch supporter of black female empowerment and feminism and has been for years.  “Feminism doesn’t include all women, and its always driven me a little crazy that the image of feminism or whatever word you choose is viewed as something more belonging to white women than women of color, when the opposite is probably the case, Gloria told Manhattan Digest. “Because, for instance when Ms. Magazine did our first Louis Harris poll on women’s opinions and women’s issues, African-American women supported these issues by over 60 percent whereas white women did only 37 percent.  So, it’s always been true”.  

Also on hand was Power 105.1 FM’s Angela Yee, who has been a mainstay on radio for years and discussed how she took her financial literacy seriously throughout the years to where she owns 3 homes in Detroit, one here, and has opened her own juice franchise in Brooklyn and an upcoming restaurant as well.

Credit: Bader Media

The panel also included Rianka Dorsainvil, President and Founder of Your Greatest Contribution for Millennials,   Carol Jenkins, Award-Winning journalist, writer, producer, activist and Grace Vandecruze, Founder, Managing Director, Grace Capital LLC, the latter of which provided an amazing story of personal triumph that got her to where she is today.  Grace talked about how she and her six other siblings survived their apartment burning down during her tenure as a student at Pace University and living in a homeless shelter all the way to opening her successful investment firm.

Justin Tuck, Former NFL Defensive End for the New York Giants and his wife Lauran Tuck, both Co-Founders of the R.U.S.H. For Literacy Foundation were also in attendance as Justin took home the Game Changers Award for their efforts with financial literacy & success to low-income youth.

About Winning Play$

Winning Play$, which was created by financial journalist and author Stacey Tisdale, and winner of the U.S. Department of Education’s Excellence in Economic Education award in 2010, is a behavior-based financial literacy program that helps students develop healthy attitudes and behaviors around money.

They examine how factors such as gender, ethnicity, role-modeling, and media messages play out in their financial beliefs and choices. They learn how to move beyond the conditioning that doesn’t serve them. In addition, they master basic financial concepts such as saving, debt, management, and investing, as well as the best strategies for paying for college.

The program is also built to Common Core math standards and the Jumpstart Coalition’s national financial education standards.

For more information on Winning Play$, check out their official website.