Credit: Keste Pizzeria

I am someone who has had their fare share of pizza in my lifetime, and generally love each slice that I “gavone” each time I have it.  Keste Pizzeria, which is located on Gold Street in the heart of the financial district, just might be some of the best pizza I have ever had here in Manhattan.  And given that this is one of the cities where pizza runs supreme, it can truthfully mean a lot to stand at the front of the pack for this sort of culinary treat.

Keste is the brainchild of father daughter team Roberto and Giorgia Caporuscio, the latter being one of the only pizziolas in the United States.  Both originally hail from Italy, who took their knowledge and understanding of the pizza business to stateside, where Roberto opened his first restaurants in Pittsburgh and New Jersey before the beginning of the Keste dynasty here in Manhattan.  His first Keste location opened up 8 years ago on Bleecker Street, and now they have three total spots including their most recent one that I went to last night.

Credit: Keste Pizzeria

With Roberto being heralded as one of the best pizza makers in the city by major publications like Food and Wine & New York Magazine, I was naturally excited to head downtown on the 5 train and see what all the fuss was about.  If there is one component that you can tell Roberto and Giorgia put in each pizza they make, it is 100 percent love as the taste, texture and more for each of them was superbly delicious and well thought out.

Here is what i recommend you trying the next time you are at Keste.  First of all, there at 70 different pizzas to try.  Yes, 70 pizzas.  Be still, your heart.  Before the pizza, try something from their Antipasti section that will really get you in the mood for what’s to come.  A classic dish to try is their creamy Burrata with prosciutto di Parma.  Load a slice of Burrata with the prosciutto onto a warm piece of bread and drizzle it with some fresh olive oil.  You will be transfixed with just how fresh and tasty all three components are, and will leave you satisfied and ready for what’s to come.

Credit: Keste Pizzeria

Keste breaks down their types of pizzas with fried options, gluten free and their Margherita versions as well.  I don’t think I have ever tried Fried Pizza, but the one they served us was heavenly and was a great alternative to the traditional types I have had all my life.  This one being their Montanara Truffle which was lightly fried dough topped with fresh Mozzarella, truffle cream and finished in their wood burning oven.  The flavors that Roberto was able to execute in this dish is nothing short of stellar, in that the oils inside this make up for the absence of tomato sauce which completely threw me into a yummy tailspin.  Spot on amazing.

I would also recommend their Pistachio y Salsiccia, which comes with fresh pistachio pesto, sausage, fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano, basil and extra virgin olive oil.  This is another great alternative to their tomato sauce options with the pistachio pesto, and all the other components join together to make a scrumptious type of pizza.

Credit: Keste Pizzeria

Finally, their Keste Capricciosa rounded out what was a fantastic meal.  This came with tomato sauce, artichokes, assorted mushrooms, Italian cooked ham, fresh mozzarella, grana, basil and extra virgil olive oil.  Perfect for the ones who like veggies and meats together all on one yummy pizza.

If there is one pizza spot you should try this summer, it is easily Keste for an of these reasons and so much more.  Also, save some room for dessert as their Fried Dough topped with Nutella is simply amazing.  I’m still full 12 hours later and am happy to be so.

Credit: Ryan Shea

For more information on Keste Pizzeria, please check out their official website.