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Mirabelle, which is part of the fabulous Lessings properties, is a fantastic reason why you need to head out east to Long Island this summer.  This stunning location, which is in the heart of the beautiful town of Stony Brook, boasts gorgeous views (both inside and out), delicious farm to table cuisine and so much more which makes Mirabelle one of the best restaurants in Long Island that we have ever written about.

Mirabelle is at the Three Village Inn, which was built around 300 years ago and now is a special spot where people hosts weddings and many other types of celebrations (there was a wedding happening while we were there that night).  Mirabelle has had rave reviews over the years of it being opened, most notably from The New York Times, Newsday, and now Manhattan Digest.

Credit: Mirabelle

The space inside is two fold, in that one side is marked for more of a bar type setting and the dining area to be very sophisticated with the feel of a French bistro upon your arrival.  You have the option to enjoy the former at their beautiful bar, which seems to be a great place for the after hours crowd, or sit comfortably in a beautiful setting while dining on some exquisite dishes that we fell in love with that night.

Executive Chef Guy Reuge’s fresh-meets-French cuisine is very evident in each dish that we tasted. Here is what I recommend you trying the next time you find yourself at this classic spot.  The dinner menu itself is made up of snacks, small plates, salads & soups and big plates.  Each brought something special to the table that we enjoyed immensely.

Credit: Mirabelle

In the snacks category, either their Fried Calamari or Heirloom Tomato & Mozzarella Skewers will do the trick as two great starter courses.  The Fried Calamari was perfectly cooked, with just the right amount of salt.  I love a great presentation, and the Skewers provided that as the freshness on the skewer was very evident once I took a couple of bites.

Credit: Mirabelle

Their small plate options found us enjoying a classic type dish and one that we have never heard of before but would go back for seconds with.  The classic dish is their Crab Cake, which tasted fantastic but the basil mayonnaise really pushed it over the edge as a truly scrumptious option.  The other dish, which was one of my two favorites of the night, was their Marscapone & Ricotta Filled Agnolotti in a tomato butter sauce.  Agnolotti is a pasta square that is stuffed with an assortment of fillings, similar to a ravioli.  These two cheeses paired with the tomato butter sauce were simply dynamite and this is a dish that could easily make its way to the big plate category, should they decide to do so.

Credit: Mirabelle

For their big plates, the easy choice for me was their Flat Iron Steak with Yukon Gold Potato Puree, Wax Beans, Chard and Picked Sweet Onions.  The highlight of this dish was actually the sweet onions, which provided such a phenomenal contrast to the steak itself and brought this dish together in a beautiful way.  I could not stop raving about the onions that night and still can’t stop.  Overall, Mirabelle was a great experience for me and my friend and I think this should definitely be a spot you RSVP to this summer.

For more information on Mirabelle, please check out their official website.


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