Liam Knox
Credit: TitanMen

I first met the dashingly handsome Liam Knox a couple of months ago, when he was in Manhattan for the Black Party and all of its debauchery.  We sat down for what became a three hour lunch (the best, in my opinion) where the TitanMen exclusive told me all about himself and where he got to where he is.  He, just like many of the other men in the industry that i have met and interviewed, has a fantastic backstory to him that elevated not only his charm and good looks but above all his heart to a level that I don’t think I have seen before.

We have profiled many Titanmen before (Take Jesse Jackman for instance) where there is this profound maturity and sexiness about each of them that resonates not only with me but with our readers as well.  Liam Knox is no exception for sure.  The Tennessee bred (hehe) stud now resides on the west coast in beautiful San Francisco, where he has been enjoying his slow rise in the adult industry as one that you need to know.

Here’s what Mr. Liam Knox has to say about how he fell into all of this, who he wants to work with, and so much more.

What made you pursue getting into the industry in the first place?

Well pivotal moments often inspire motion in life.  So it’s no surprise that a pivotal moment inspired my entry into the industry.  A very hard break of of an engagement made me question, “why am I holding back in my life experiences?” So it’s really no surprise that I answered that by allowing myself to submit my application to TitanMen.  But it’s more than that really.  It’s also my way of helping to give a younger generation a message that, “You can do anything you want to do.  And the only one that can stop you is YOURSELF.”   So maybe that one gay boy from rural Tennessee can see and hear a gay man that’s been through the same thing, that is hiding who he is and stealing his potential from his future.  I mean, you don’t have to go into porn to be unrestrained in living life, but the allegory is there.

I know you are from Tennessee but now live out in San Francisco.  What drove you to make such a change in your life?

So if you’ve ever lived in San Francisco… then you know it’s an EXPENSIVE city in which to live!  And let’s be frank in the fact that the extra cash is nice to provide that cushion in your bank account.  Now, when you’re recently single and the looming future of increased rent rears its head, you think outside of the box.  Then all of those restraints you placed on yourself seem to evaporate quite quickly because Daddy needs a lot of food and extra protein to build/maintain a healthy body.

Before going into it, was there anyone who inspired you or you looked up to that helped with your decision?

Completely, unwaveringly and emphatically …YES!  Now I’ll list these in no order to do no slight to any of these men.  Ken Ryker, Chase Hunter, Francois Sagat, Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber.  Now Ken Ryker merely because of his stunning physique and visual aesthetic.  But Chase, Francois, Jesse and Dirk because they represented not just amazing bodies but fully formed intellects with very creative minds.  They represented themselves NOT just as a character but as men within the industry that brought a part of who they were into their work.

What was your first scene like and who was it with?

My first scene, well, that was with Dallas Steele.  Dallas and I had been friends for nearly 10 years by that point.  And it was fun, most definitely,  but I definitely needed walking through it the first time.  Jasun Mark, the director, and Dallas were awesome at walking me though a long day.  It was that day that I learned a lot about who I am, what makes my body work, how my mind connects to it and that (while yes we have fun on set and get to create something that will stand up over time) it’s also A LOT of work!

Is there anyone currently you are dying to shoot with, and why?

I do have a short list of actors I would like to film with.  And theres a longer one that Keith Webb has on file.  And he has been amazing about working with that list!  But the ones on the list that I haven’t worked with are Francois Sagat, Dakota Rivers, Matthew Rush, Boomer Banks, Derek Bolt and Rafael Alancar.  And this list is not about wanting to have a scene with a hot guy.  It’s about a scene that you can create something people will enjoy, because you both have an energy that will clique.  When that happens on camera…it’s BEAUTIFUL!

What is your opinion about the growing trend of bareback porn in the industry?

My opinion is just this.  We live in an age where PREP and PEP can control a disease that ravaged our community and with which a ridiculous stigma still exists.  My opinion is that if you go into an ice cream shop and there’s only one flavor of ice cream, then it’s probably not a very good ice cream shop. We are all adults and can make our own choices.  So ultimately these all fuse together to form an opinion that diversity is what this industry is about (much like life).  It only makes it better.

Stigmatizing it does nothing but make it taboo; drives it into an “underground” genre and makes the environment unsafe.  The industry needs to set a standard of practices for bareback porn to observe; therefore, if an actor wants to do bareback porn and has fully weighed the decision to do so then I say, “Do what you feel you need to do.”  I’ve spoken with a lot of guys that regret it because it can limit the studios you have the ability with which to work.  And that’s just how business works.  I think safe sex and bareback sex are preferences that we all make partner to partner.  And just make sure that your partner (or studio) isn’t exploiting you and is making sure that their work environment is fully consenting and STI monitored to protect their talent.

What do you have coming up that our readers can know about?

Well it was a busy year for filming,  Since September, TitanMen has graciously given me a lot of work.  And I feel blessed and grateful for it.  But you can expect upcoming scenes with Matthew Bosch (i had to do a few day of kiegels afterward), Lorenzo Flexx, Daymin Voss, Julian Knowles, Luke Adams and more.  Also I have a small appearance in American Crime Story: Versace.  I’m excited but dreading it because I must shave.  And its been since last year’s bodybuilding competitions that I’ve shaved.  It’s so itchy!

In conclusion, what are hopeful for the most in your career?

I guess that would be just to make a difference and touch people’s lives.  I’m hopeful that the films I have scenes in will stand up over time in the industry.  I’m hopeful that these films have the opportunity to influence younger gay men with a healthy positive body image like seeing Matthew Rush, Landon Conrad, Dean Monroe or Francois Sagat did with me.  I hope that i have the chance to use this platform to raise my voice as we should do.  Raise our voices as industry performers as a megaphone for our community.  I’m hopeful to have an influence on lives.  Because the legacy we create are the lives that we touch.

For more information on Liam Knox, you can check out his official Twitter profile.