Spa Castle
Credit: Spa Castle

Living in and around Manhattan can be incredibly stressful, especially on the body.  It is good that at least once a month we indulge ourselves in something that will be us feel better physically and spiritually.  Spa Castle, in College Point, Queens, is the perfect example of the “Treat Yo Self” mentality in that it provides an incredible amount of amenities to enjoy and recharge your batteries in doing so.

I went late this past week, which I highly recommend taking a cab or some form of transportation that doesn’t involve a subway/bus as it will take a while to get there.  After my travel experience, I headed inside to find just how beautiful and huge this place really is.  The space allows Spa Castle to really excel in all of the different services they provide you, so even the pickiest of persons will have a hard time finding something they will not like.

To keep things simple, there are a ton of indoor and outdoor pools that are perfect for the family friendly situations or to hang with your friends at.  The outdoor pool is perfect for the weather we are having, as each of them are specially made where you can relax against the wall of them with jets you can turn on and off, similar to a hot tub.  That can make the pool even more relaxing as enjoy the cool water and get a great tan.

There are also the indoor pools, one of which is next to their bar where you can relax with a Pina Colada. I might be getting ahead of myself here, so let’s start from the beginning.  When I arrived, I was given a t-shirt and shorts (its good to bring swim trucks) to change into in the men’s room.  They make walking around without your keys, wallet and cell by having you wear a watch that electronically opens the lockers they assign you to.

Credit: Spa Castle

The men’s locker room (women’s have this as well) have a separate bathing houses where you can breathe and chill to your hearts content in a variety of temperature based pools that you can easily fall asleep in with how comfortable they really are.  These pools are primarily clothing optional, as many of the other men were naked, yet there is zero judgment as Spa Castle is a very professionally run space and you don’t feel insecure about your body at all in this area of it.

For the sauna crazed people out there, the section of Spa Castle that you are going to want to stop in is their Sauna Valley.  This is a shiny and super fun area for those who want to release their toxins and can do so in either cold temperature (Ice Land), Color Therapy (Focuses on the use of Color Therapy to balance “energy” within the mind, body and soul), or their Jade Sauna (jade itself contains calcium and magnesium which emits far infrared healing rays known to do wonders for your whole body, per their website).

Credit: Spa Castle

Being that this is a spa, of course they are going to have some fabulous treatments that you can book for additional pleasure.  This particular day, Spa Castle provided me with a Korean Body Scrub and a Hydrotherapy Bath.  The latter is a private experience, where you can relax for 45 minutes in their whirlpool bath, where their state-of-the-art bubble jets help encompass you in a world of relaxation.  They also have nozzles to shoot cold water on you, which provides a great balance with the hot water inside the bath.

The Korean Body Scrub was very interesting as it is something I have never had before, but would do again as i actually enjoyed it.  This was located in the men’s bathing houses, where the gentleman used texture gloves to scrub up and down my body in order to remove dead skin and dirt, while increasing circulation and firming the skin.  There was some massage elements in it, but this was an overall fantastic experience that I would try again the next time I am at Spa Castle.

Credit: Spa Castle

Spa Castle also has a great assortment of cuisines that are available at your disposal.  To keep your thirst quenched, they have a great line of juices from their Juice Farm to revitalize you and keep you going throughout the day.  On the same floor, there is a buffet that is mindblowing as it goes beyond the basic buffet options you see and inserts jumbo shrimp, sushi, pizzas, pastas, and so much more that will keep your bellies full.  On the third floor, you will find Sky Garden, which serves traditional Korean cuisine that has heart and soul in it with each dish you try.  More on all the menus here.

The hotel is connected to The One Boutique Hotel, which provides shuttle bus service multiple times a day.  One of the promotions they are currently doing is their Ultimate Wedding Package, where they have crafted a promotion to cater to brides and grooms that have been calling to request a special package and to sell directly on our website for those that would like to gift to the bride and groom.  Pretty nifty.  Overall, Spa Castle was a great time for me and I hope you feel the same this summer and beyond.

Credit: Spa Castle

For more information on Spa Castle, please check out their official website.