Andaz 5th Avenue
Credit: Andaz 5th Avenue

Andaz 5th Avenue is one of the few hotel locations in Manhattan where its restaurants that inhabit it are just as known if not more than the hotel itself.  One of the spots, simply called The Shop, is located at the street level on the corner of 5th Avenue and 41st Street, right in the middle of all the craziness that breeds the area that it’s in.  The madness goes away right when you walk into this sophisticated and fun spot with some quite tasty food to enjoy.

Credit: Andaz 5th Avenue Facebook Page

I became more familiar with Andaz 5th Avenue when I was a food judge for a competition with Hyatt Hotels.  One of the participants was the handsome and very talented Chef Armando Diaz, who actually won the competition that day and will be competing in the nationwide version later this year in New Mexico.  That spurred me to want to make a reservation and try his delicious food out even further.

The Shop has a contemporary feel to it, where you will find a medium sized seating area that becomes more intimate as the sun sets and the night becomes the star.  The only flaw I really saw here was you had to go a bit of a distance just to get to the bathroom, which isn’t really that big of a deal but was noticeable.  Other than that, the space really is beautiful and overlooks a lot of great parts that make 5th Avenue such a historic part of Manhattan.

Credit: Andaz 5th Avenue

The food options change on a seasonal basis, with an emphasis on ordering small plates to enjoy with your company and large plates to enjoy with yourself.  A lot of these items ring true to the season that we are in, and each really excelled in its execution from taste to visual and more.

The dishes that I want to spotlight are their Murray’s Burrata with yuzu jam and pea shoots as well as their Veal Meatballs with tomato, ricotta and basil on the small plates.  For the large plates, the Bolognese with spaccatelli, parmesan and parsley was my favorite as well.

Burrata tends to be on a lot of menus this time of year as it has become one of the more popular cheeses in upscale restaurants across the city.  It can become a bit redundant, however what saves this dish is the yuzu jam, which is superbly sweet in the best way possible and compliments the burrata brilliantly.  The Veal Meatballs come fresh, delicious, and surrounded by the traditional Italian components that make this a great starter plate.  Similarly, the Bolognese is a dish that I think would work really well when the cold weather hits, as its comfort food 101 with the combination of all the flavors in it that make for a very hearty meal.

Credit: Andaz 5th Avenue

For more information on The Shop, please check out their official website.