Auntie Anne
Credit to: Auntie Anne's

Everyone knows (or should know) that if you need a snack while waiting in Penn Station or right in Times Square, that Auntie Anne’s should be your answer to fulfill your guilty pleasure needs.  This is a company that has provided me with many fun train rides to and from Long Island, as its buttery and salty pretzel options are always tops in my books and keep me filled and satisfied throughout.  Now, they have announced a new flavor that will be available for a limited amount of time later this year!  What flavor made the cut?  It’s spicy, that’s for sure!

The flavor is… SRIRACHA!  According to their press release that went out last week, More than 1.3 million fan votes have been tallied and the winner has been declared: Sriracha is the Auntie Anne’s® Pretzel Nation Creation champion. The spicy new pretzel will be available in stores for a limited time only later this year.

Auntie Anne's
Credit: Auntie Anne’s

“As Pretzel Nation Creation confirmed, Auntie Anne’s fans are intensely passionate about their pretzels,” said Carol Pasquariello, vice president of marketing for Auntie Anne’s. “We loved letting them choose our next flavor and can’t wait for the Sriracha Pretzel to join our menu for a limited time later this year.”

An initial request for flavors on social media last month generated more 1,200 fan suggestions. The ten most popular flavors comprised the Pretzel Nation Creation finalists, a mouthwatering mix of sweet and savory. Voting took place from July 21 – July 30 and Sriracha emerged as the overwhelming victor with nearly 200,000 votes more than second place S’mores. At the other end of the spectrum, Pink Lemonade finished last with just 3,578 votes. The final tally:

Sriracha: 638,759 votes

S’mores: 449,491 votes

Taco: 92,693 votes

Buffalo Wings: 90,861 votes

Maple Brown Sugar: 47,085 votes

Korean BBQ: 25,678 votes

Apple Pie: 20,855 votes

Chocolate Cherry: 9,522 votes

Dill Pickle: 7,907 votes

Pink Lemonade: 3,578 votes

All of those flavors sound ridiculously interesting!  I would put Sriracha at the top of the list for sure, but I also think other flavors like Maple Brown Sugar, Buffalo Wings and Dill Pickle sound absurdly interesting and I hope they are able to find a place in the sun at some point in the future!  Here’s to Sriracha for the time being, and I can’t wait to see how it tastes!

For more information on Auntie Anne’s, please check out their official website.