Black Friday
Credit: Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails

I became aware of Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails through an article I did about the best brunch spots you may not have heard of (see here).  The nearly two year old location has become a bright spot in the Kips Bay area of Manhattan, and after salivating over some of the brunch items that I saw they serve, I knew that I had to hop on the 6 train down there to see what all the fuss was about.  Boy, was I glad that I went.

Kips Bay itself is slowly becoming one of the trendiest areas for food, most notably on 3rd Avenue where Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails exists.  There is a lot to like about this location, as the front and back are quite different in terms of the kind of “food mood” you are in once you arrive.

Credit: Handmade Kitchen & Cocktails

The front is more for the Sunday and Saturday brunch crowd, and the bar crowd as its grouped tables sit next to its sprawling bar and make for a great place to entertain and enjoy.  The back, where me and my friend sat, is far more intimate and beautiful to boot.

Credit: Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails

If comfort food is your game, then this location provides that and then some.  Brunch in my opinion should be hearty and wake you up in a sense, and that is what you will get here.  I was pretty impressed by the food we were provided, so here’s a recap of what I thought was the best items that we had during our visit.

Credit: Ryan Shea

The stellar standout in the starters category had to be their Deviled Eggs, which comes with chicken, carrots, celery, blue cheese and buffalo sauce.  Simply amazing and I love the colors that are within them that make for this so much more than a basic “deviled eggs” two bite wonder.  On the flipside, you have their amazing Whiskey Barbecue Wings that had a tangy and spicy texture to them with the meat in each wing being massive and oh so tasty.  I also heard their Truffled Fried Burrata is a fan favorite as well, so if you have room in your stomach, order that.

Credit: Ryan Shea

This is truly one of those brunch menus where so many options look simply fantastic.  Everything from a Falafel Burger to a Fried Chicken Sandwich (their most popular) looked stellar, however I wanted something even heartier and opted for their Craft Skillet.  This came with Andouille Sausage, Smoked Ham, Cajun Spice, Onions, Peppers, Home Fries, Scallions and two Sunny-Side Up Eggs.  That’s a lot in one skillet, and yet no one item stood out from the rest, it was an equal playing field of deliciousness.

Credit: Ryan Shea

Let’s not forget that this place is known for their cocktails, and these don’t disappoint whatsoever.  For their brunch cocktails, I would recommend their Berry Fizz and a Handcraft Bloody.  The former comes with Black and Blue berry shrub and champagne to provide a nice balance of sweet with the freshness of the latter, whereas the Handcraft Bloody tastes like a Bloody Mary should with the horseradish and citrus providing a nice blend as well. Overall, Handcraft Kitchen & Bar exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to our next visit.

For more information on Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails, please check out their official site.