National Rum Day
Credit: Caroline Alduey

August 16th marks yet another interesting holiday as today is National Rum Day! There are several restaurants participating, so which ones should you go to?  We have found a list of 20 that are doing all that they can to celebrate National Rum Day in all of its sweet and delicious glory.

Before we get into that, three of the locations participating will be using some really yummy rum from Santa Teresa 1796 that will make for a great after work drink tonight.  Santa Teresa 1796, is a premium rum aged in a Solera system (a process of aging and mixing different ages of rums (young with old)) with rums up to 35 years and has a smooth, dry and balanced taste.

Here is what they are making and what you can prepare for yourself at home:

by Tom Masey for Clover Club – 210 Smith St, Brooklyn, Cobble Hill 

1.5 oz Santa Teresa
.5 oz Blanc Agricole rhum
.5 oz Aperol
.5 oz blanc vermouth
.5 oz banana liqueur
Stir with lime peel
Stir over a big rock
Garnish: Lime peel

Venezuelan Memories by Luis Hernandez at Seamstress NY – 339 E 75th St, Upper East Side 

2 oz raisin infused Santa Teresa 1796
.5 oz cane syrup
.25 oz lime juice
3 oz sparkling coconut water
2 dash tiki salt
Collins glass, kold draft, mint sprig, nutmeg with dehydrated lime

Santa Teresa Punch (for 4 people) – $46 by Gareth Howells at VNYL – 100 Third Ave., East Village

Santa Teresa Rum

Batavia Arrack

Fino Sherry

Green tea

Lapsang Souchong Tea

Lemon Oleo

Tobacco, lemon & Angostura Demerara syrup/Lemon/Saline

Other restaurants that are participating include ones from all over the Manhattan area and beyond including Little Branch, Sweet Polly, Morimoto, Bowery Meat Company, The Happiest Hour, Mulberry Project and more.  Definitely a good day to head out with your friends for some rum-my goodness.  For more information on Santa Teresa 1796, check out their official website.