New York Jets
Credit: Ryan Shea

I have always been a bigger fan of the New York Jets than their counterpart (no shade), so naturally I was delighted that I got to spend the day at Met Life Stadium inside the VIP Toyota Club section to celebrate their 2017 Upfronts.  The organization put their best culinary, technology and gameday faces forward where they unveiled what will be new for this football season.

Being the foodie that i am, the first thing that became noticeable was the endless amounts of tasty food options that they provided us and eventually the fans.  What is great about these items is that they are diverse in that even the pickiest of eaters will find something that will fit their palette.  “The Fat Rooster”, “Barbeque Shack” and “Greater Mac Shop” came prepared with their newest offerings, my personal favorite being the Spicy Chicken Sandwich that The Fat Rooster provided.  However there are a ton of other great options, including sushi and some amazing dessert pies in the form of S’Mores and others that will keep you full and satisfied throughout the game.

Credit: Ryan Shea

What I found the most interesting about the presentation was that The New York Jets have developed their own app for fans to use, similar to what Apple does with Siri.  Theirs, however, is called JOAN and its purposes are for fans to ask frequently-asked questions using natural language and receive instant answers. There is another one named I Called It!  Where fans can be interactive with each other throughout the game and win special prizes based on their predictive insights.  The levels we have come over the years from simply just going to the game to this level of interaction with each other is quite impressive and its good to see that sports teams are getting on top of things in the technology world.

If you ever wanted a chance to be in a “hall of fame” of sorts in your favorite sport like Football, now’s your chance as The New York Jets will be debuting this season their New York Jets Fan Hall of Fame, where you can nominate yourself or someone else who you consider to be the ultimate Jets fan.  You can submit a short written statement with a paragraph, and the Jets personnel, legends and a fan vote will determine who gets in.  The honor is all yours this time, Jets fans.  Looks like these additions will make for a stellar 2017 season, and I look forward to seeing what they have in stores.

Credit: Ryan Shea

For more information on The New York Jets, please check out their official website.