Credit: Davio's Manhattan

Davio’s Manhattan has been a big favorite here at Manhattan Digest for a couple of years now, as it is the perfect balance of ambiance meets sophistication meets location.  With it being only a two block walk from Grand Central, it is one of the highlighted restaurants of the area for their ever changing menu that stays with the season, hearty plates that will keep you full, and fantastic service that will give you an overall great experience.  A big “foodie” type holiday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and Davio’s has put their best culinary foot forward to ensure that you enjoy it and then some.

September 15th marks National Linguini Day, which celebrates one of my personal favorite type of pastas in all of its glory.  Davio’s has prepared its own interpretation of Linguini and Clams which myself and a friend got to experience last night, and it is well worth the quick trip on the 4, 5 or 6 train for it.

Credit: Davio’s

Served for both lunch and dinner as well as at the bar, Davio’s signature, housemade Linguine is a combination of linguini, clams, and cherry tomatoes paired with parsley, lemon, and olive oil.  Those are six classic ingredients when in Italian cooking, and they did a fantastic job in preparing them.  We ate so much last night that there was some left over, which I gladly devoured as my lunch today with no regrets.  It really is a tasty dish and one worth ordering when you go.

Keep in mind, that is not the only dish that Davio’s has that should be on your “must” list when you arrive.  Here are some of the highlights that we tried that you have to get your fork and knife ready for.

Credit; Ryan Shea

Their Spanish Octopus with squash and cranberry sauce on the side is definitely a dish that is ready for the fall season.  Whenever I think of cranberry sauce or squash, I think of fall and it pairs so well with the perfectly cooked Octopus that was spicy but blended well with the other ingredients on the plate.  I’ve had Octopus at many different acclaimed restaurants here in Manhattan, but that truly takes the cake.

Credit: Ryan Shea

Also, their Roasted Free Range Chicken with Poppyseed Spaetzle, Cherry Tomatoes and Hot Chilies was a standout plate as well.  I don’t think I have ever had yummier chicken skin in my life, and the heat from the chilies and sweetness from the tomatoes complimented the spaetzle completely and made for a fabulous entree.  Overall, another great experience at Davio’s and I look forward to the next one and then the other after that!

For more information on Davio’s Manhattan, please check out their official website.