Frankel Sisters
Credit: The Frankel Sisters

Move over Bethenny, cuz there are some new Frankel’s in town!  New York’s very own The Frankel Sisters have quite a lot to celebrate in their booming music career.  They made it to the number two spot on Newsday’s annual Battle of the Bands contest, and just last week released the video and single for their amazing song “Don’t Judge Me”.  And this is just the beginning for what could possibly be the next great duo in pop music.

Comprised of Jaime and Lianne Frankel, this duo has had a taste of fame in other shows including The X Factor and The Voice, as well as gracing a cover of Billboard.  No joke… I’m a bit jealous.  They have a sound that is reminiscent of something out of the dance era of the early 90’s but with a modern feel, and I think it is what the industry is needing as it is getting very stale as of late.

I chatted with the sisters about getting to number 2 on BOTB, the new song, and their hopeful domination of the music industry.

How did it feel to reach the top 10 of Newsday’s “Battle of the Bands?”

Reaching the Top 10 of Newsday’s Battle of the Bands was a great feeling.  We really felt a sense of support and community from all of the people who voted, and although the competition was close, we were happy to be able to share our music/ story with people.  It is also crazy to see how many Long Island bands there are so we congratulate everyone who was involved!

For people who don’t know who The Frankel Sisters are, can you tell us a little bit more about yourselves?

We’ve grown up listening to and playing music our entire lives. Our dad was a wedding singer for twenty years and exposed us to all types of music since before we could speak. We grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and Billy Joel, on long car rides and would harmonize with my dad over each record.  Our dad would also play guitar in our living room after a long day of work and the three of us would mess around and write hooks to songs. We realized this was something we were passionate about pursuing, and started playing local shows at fundraisers, wineries, festivals, and churches. We started playing at bigger venues such as The Paramount, Webster Hall, The Bitter End, and other live music halls. We are pursuing our career full-force and just came out with a new single and music video, “Don’t Judge Me” which we are really excited about!

What is your driving inspiration for your music?

Lianne writes her music in a variety of ways. She usually sits down at the piano and messes around with chord progressions that capture how she’s feeling at the time. She’s almost always inspired to write a song when she has some sort of strong emotion. After coming up with the chords, she melodically mumbles words, sounds, and consonants that come naturally and sound like they fit the music. Then she turns the gibberish into actual lyrics that embody how she’s feeling at the time. More recently, she’s written songs using guitar and beats she comes up with in her head or on the kitchen table. For Jaymee, there’s no one way. An idea may come to her in the shower, after a breakup, or based on a chord progression her dad plays on the guitar. We’re now starting to write more music together, but our inspiration comes from life experiences- we want to constantly spread positive messages! Like our most recent song, “Don’t Judge Me” which is about remaining confident in both your individuality and your goals, despite society’s attempt to mold you. Perfection is not reality. Goals are valid. Dreams are attainable.

You just released the single and music video for “Don’t Judge Me”.  I love it! Tell us more about the process of both and how it came to be.

Thank you!  This song is something we put so much thought and energy into and we are hoping to spread it to as many people as possible!  Lianne conceptualized the song and wrote the melody and lyrics, while Jaymee wrote the melody for the verses.  The record (and music video) expresses both our musical journey and all of its obstacles, as well as an overall message of togetherness in a world divided.  The music video embodies the idea of conformity vs. reality and the dangers of trying to maintain “perfection.”  SO many people were involved in this project, which made it even more powerful.  Check it out on!

You also just did a big performance last week at The Founder’s Room and The Paramount.  What were those experiences like?

Performing at the Paramount for our “Don’t Judge Me” music video release was exciting!  We have been waiting for the premiere of this video and song, and being able to show the video for the crowd, and perform live was worth the wait!

What other shows do you have lined up?

Friday, September 22nd 10:00 PM @ Revolution Bar & Music Hall, Amityville, NY

Saturday, October 21st @ Patchogue Fall Festival, Patchogue, NY

Saturday, October 28th 9:00PM @ The Bitter End, New York, NY

What are you ultimately looking forward to in your careers?

Selling out MSG! We want to tour and reach as many people we can with our music and messages.  Whether it is writing a hit song, or going on tour, we see music as being a forever kind of thing!  Feel free to check us out!

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