Sabrina Coleman
Credit: Sabrina Coleman

Sabrina Coleman has a chock full of accomplishments on her personal resume of sorts.  She is an accomplished actress, a singer, has competed and won in several fitness beauty pageants, and is the host of Live From Studio 6B, which is a nationally syndicated talk show that discusses current events and everything in between.  Sound exhausting?  Not for her, and she’s able to truly prove you can find time to do all this and in your search create a huge balance in your life.

Sabrina is also married to former New York Jets player Erik Coleman, who has also found a good amount of success post football life with television appearances himself.  They seem to make a great power team that can easily have a big influence in the news and entertainment industries in the near future.

With so much going on, Sabrina was nice enough to sit down with me and discuss her current talk show and why she loves it, work/life balance and what’s next for her.

What’s your favorite thing about doing Live From Studio 6B? 

I love being able to be myself on camera and be honest with my opinion and have healthy debates with the other hosts on the show on our daily topics.

Have you had a favorite guest since you started hosting the show?

Yes! Michael J. Knowles (best selling Author of “Reasons to Vote for Democrats” )

Where does your passion for the entertainment world come from?  It seems to come so naturally for you. 

I grew up in a large Sicilian family, where entertaining each other is a way of life. Whether we are singing, laughing or dancing…there is an underlying joy we want to share with each other.

You sing as well!  Which field of entertainment do you like the most and why? 

I LOVE comedy. Being able to make people laugh is my greatest joy!

You and husband Erik seem to make a great team.  Do you two do anything special for just Husband and Wife time? 

With 3 kiddies, any free time together is precious. Dinner and a movie is a highlight if we can fit it in! Lol Once kids are in bed, a really special time for us is chatting on the porch.

What exciting things do you have coming up in 2017? 

Sky’s the limit! Looking forward to seeing Live from Studio 6B grow everyday. Excited about feeding my passion for comedy by returning to “Upright Citizens Brigade” and becoming a student of the arts again.

In conclusion, what would be your best advice for people who want to experience their best lives, on and off the career court?

Be bold enough to be yourself, find strength in challenges, and when all is said and done… enjoy the ride. 🙂

For more information on Sabrina Coleman, check out her official site.