Credit: Megu

Megu has got to be one of the sexiest and trendiest experiences I have ever had in my endless dining quests here in Manhattan.  Located at the Dream Downtown (which also has its perks while staying in NYC), Megu is a sophisticated high-quality Japanese restaurant that serves some of the best sashimi, sushi, steak and a bevy of other options that will leave you feeling incredibly satisfied upon completion.  If there is one restaurant to visit this fall, it is Megu.

Credit: Megu

The setup of Megu is truthfully something to be seen upon first glance.  You head downstairs and look to your left where you will find a sprawling and colorful bar right in front of you, and a massive seating area that is rich and vibrant from top to bottom.  It is definitely a place where you want to be seen, and is also somewhere that you want to be looking your absolute best as it fits well with the surroundings.

It’s kind of hard to really describe just how unbelievably incredible the food is at Megu.  Each part of the menu exemplifies the art of Japanese cooking at its finest, and the tasting we were treated to was remarkable in the execution of each dish.

Credit: Megu

Let’s start big here in the form of their Kagero Yaki, which translates to flambe table side.  If you are a meat eater like myself, then this option will definitely make you a happy camper as the proteins are jam packed with so much incredibly flavors but their Filet Mignon won my heart completely.  These do come with a side of lotus chips, which are delicious, but something we were fed over and over again was their Charred Shishito with sesame seeds and truffle kabayaki.  I love these sorts of peppers and they were a great compliment to each dish that we were presented with.

If you are looking for a rocking starter in the form of an appetizer, your best bet would be their Nori Salmon Belly Taco, which comes in a Crispy nori shell and has ponzu, jicama and truffle.  I’m not the biggest fan of cold tacos, however this was done superbly well and made for a tasty three bite experience.

One thing that Megu is definitely known for is their Sushi Rolls, which you can order a la carte or become a bit more decadent with their house special assortments.  A la carte is always a good idea, but in this case, upgrade yourself with one of their amazing house special options.  Your best bet?  A classic.  The Megu Roll.  This comes with Spicy tuna, scallion, crispy potato, akami and kanzuri mayo.  Superbly tasty and one of the few rolls I have tried that doesn’t necessarily need soy sauce for dipping. Shocker!

Credit: Megu

If you are in more of a fish mood then their Scallop option with a side of fried rice is a good choice.  My scallops were perfectly cooked and paired really well with the fried rice and of course the Shishito Peppers that i mentioned earlier in the article.  Overall, Megu really did provide us with a wonderful night and this is definitely a space you are going to want to visit in the fall and beyond.

For more information on Megu, please check out their official website.


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