Phoenix Bar
Credit: Phoenix Bar

Popular Lower East Side hotspot Phoenix Bar will be hosting a benefit event tonight at 7:30 PM for the victims of Hurricane Harvey from the NYC LGBT community.  The event will feature a ton of great raffles and performances for a worthy cause as there is a personal element to why this bar is helping the people who suffered in this tragedy.

Garrett Ford, who has been a longtime bartender at Phoenix will be hosting the event with Adam Toepfer, who plays host to their super fun trivia nights on Thursdays.  Garrett is from San Antonio, Texas but has family who lives in Austin.  They were not affected by the tragedy, but he wants to go above and beyond his help for his home state and this event will definitely aid in the relief for it.

There will be performances by Busted Queen and Marti Gould Cummings II, as well as raffling off tickets to Broadway shows and some other super fun things throughout the night.  If you are free and want to hang out for a worthy cause, then Phoenix Bar is the place to be tonight.

For more information on Phoenix Bar, check out their official website.