National Cheeseburger Day
Credit: Egg Shop

Today, September 18th, marks National Cheeseburger Day, and we have found two spots that will be giving you some cheesy and mouthwatering deliciousness all day long!  Get your bib game ready, order up some fries and coleslaw on the side (no coleslaw haters on this page please) and head to one of these locations to experience the best of the best in all things cheeseburgers.

Egg Shop is known for it’s incredible brunch but have you tried their dinner? If you haven’t you are missing out! A lot of their dinner dishes include eggs like their B.E.C. Burger which is a beef burger topped with a sunny side up egg, mcadam white cheddar, black forest bacon, tomato, jam and pickled jalapeno to add that little zing!

Credit: Clinton Hall

Clinton Hall is known for its over the top food especially their burgers! Here is one burger that is just out of this world! Clinton Hall’s Fondue Burger is truly the most unconventional take on a cheeseburger, the bun is filled with a pool of molten cheese and fries. Doesn’t get much cheesier than this!  Also, take a look at what Clinton Hall is doing for their guests!

Clinton Hall doesn’t mess around when it comes to Oktoberfest! The modernized gastropub also known as the true beer lover’s paradise is giving away the ultimate Oktoberfest gift, a free trip for two to Germany, yes, you read that right, a trip to the motherland itself!

Guests can visit any of Clinton Hall’s three locations from September 16th to October 3rd and with the purchase of any Bitburger Premium Pils or Erdinger Weissbrau are automatically entered into their “Drink to Win a Trip to Germany” raffle. The lucky winners will be announced at Clinton Hall on October 5th at 6pm.

With an ever-changing selection of unique SUPERCRAFT beers on draft, Clinton Hall is the place to get not only your beef fix but also awaken your inner child. A wide range of exciting arcade and table top games will keep you entertained all night and don’t forget to bring your appetite! The gourmet beer hall themed menu offers mouth watering combinations that you have only seen in your dreams. If you decide to visit the Clinton Hall’s Seaport location, don’t forget to take a trip to Clinton Hall Outdoor Self-Pour Beer Station, the only one in the entire city! New York  is full of ATM style machines filled with goodies like the cupcakes and pizza so Clinton Hall decided to make one for beer! Needless to say, there is no better place in the city to celebrate Oktoberfest!