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Are you trying to get some decent dollar, get up the career ladder, keep on top of your Instagram game, traveling, check in with your grandparents and still have a love life? Hold up! For a young professional, life can be full and you may feel pulled in just about every direction so much so that you feel you are close to burning out.

For many millennials, achieving a good work/life balance comes before career advancement while evaluating different work opportunities. However, the fear of job loss, pressure to pay for an expensive education and the millennial urge to gain instant success is making it almost impossible to achieve the right balance. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by the lifestyle of the young professional, it’s time you stepped back; you will be happier once you’ve mastered the following tips.

Step Away from Emails

It can be hard to leave work at work in today’s working world. While technology has its definite advantages, emails, business phones and the likes are making it easier to stay connected to work, which can be a little overwhelming. Phone notifications interrupt your ‘you’ time and inject some of the negative stress into your system.

It’s time you learned to switch off work-related technology and work-brain when hours are out. To do this efficiently, note down all work related tasks before you leave the office for the day. If you have to work beyond work hours, do it in a confined area, away from your personal life.

Have Limits

To enjoy a better work/life balance, you need to become a limit-setting master. For many people at the beginning of their careers, there is always the urge to put in long hours to complete that one urgent project before going for a more balanced schedule. However, it doesn’t happen that way because there will always be something urgent or important that needs addressing.

Without limits, your daily life is at the mercy of external pressures and circumstances. Have a set hour when you leave work; but, you’ll need to be flexible at times even as you stick to this rule. Without setting an hour when you leave work and go home, chances are high that you will find yourself staying longer at the office. In addition, try not to carry your work with you home; separate your personal life from your professional life.

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Learn the Power of Saying NO

Everyone is facing numerous demands that require their attention and time, both in their professional and personal lives. To focus better on what is important to you, you need to stop spending time on activities that not as important. Other people will always pressure you to do this or that, so you need to learn to say no to lower priority commitments.


Not only does exercise work its magic on your physical body, it also does wonders internally. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce and release stress, and in most cases, can turn into a hobby. It is also an effective way of improving alertness, concentration, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall cognitive functioning.

Exercising helps raise your heart rate, which actually reverses the damage done to the brain by stressful life events. This may be anything from playing a group sport, going for a run or some killer gym classes. In addition, take better care of yourself; for example, visit your local dentist to fix your smile; visit the gym weekly to buff up your body; or fix the bald spot with Scalp Med; whatever you do, just pamper yourself.