Taco Takeover
Credit: Taco Takeover

48 hours later and I am still full from the culinary madness that was the Taco Takeover this past weekend!  The event took place for the first time ever, deep in the heart of Brooklyn, where hundreds of taco-loving folks came from all over the city to experience a variety of taco treats to indulge and gain some lovely weight in doing so.

The event took place at The Well, directly off the Montrose Avenue stop on the L train.  Given that I live way uptown, anything outside the city is normally a trek for me, and one that I would need to take consideration in doing beforehand, but anything with the word “taco” in it will get me on that train quicker than most marathon runners so it was no problem.

Credit: Taco Takeover

Seeing as we are still experiencing warmer weather than usual, having the event outside was a non-issue as it parlayed well with the taco festivities happening throughout The Well.  So many local vendors were there to showcase just how diverse the taco can be when it comes to what goes inside of it.

Some of the standouts for me and my friends included the Pork Belly Taco from Zengo, the Chicken Pibil Taco from Bodegra Negra and the Seared Spicy Pork Taco from Kimchi Grill.  All with fantastic and unique concepts that helped fill us up.

They also had a sweet VIP Guacamole Bar for those who wanted to go the distance and pay a little more to get into the event.  A private space with chips and guacamole?  Yes, please! Plus, there was plenty of tasty drinks to go along with so really this whole day turned into an alcohol and taco fest and there is no issues with that.

Credit: Ryan Shea

This is definitely an event that I would go to again next year, and I hope this time around that the location is even bigger and we have even more amazing taco and taco-like vendors participating as it truly was an awesome time.

For more information on the Taco Takeover, please check out their official website.