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Credit: Foxy John's

Midtown East has become one of my favorite spots to grub down at, especially with all the incredible options both in and out of Grand Central Terminal (a good example is Donatella Arpaia’s Prova Pizzabar).  Another great spot that is worth checking out is Foxy John’s, which is located only a couple of blocks from the 51st Street stop off the 6 train on 47th Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenues.  If you are looking for a chilled out vibe place with great “bar” type eats, then Foxy John’s is truly the place to be.

Credit: Foxy John’s

I’ve been by Foxy John’s before, as they are located right next to a brand new hotel called The Bernic which I had the lovely opportunity of staying at last fall.  Foxy John’s is two floors with a sprawling bar on the first that plays all the sports you could possibly imagine, while on the second floor tends to be a bit more relaxed so you can fully enjoy your food without the noise of the game in the background.

The menu is pretty straightforward when it comes to taking bar classics and elevating them to your hearts content.  They excel in many categories of these sorts of foods, most importantly with their line of delicious burgers that are mouthwatering and just downright tasty.

Credit: Foxy John’s

Case in point, their Black Angus Burger.  There are many selling points to this burger, most importantly that it is on a pretzel bun and comes with fixings like fried egg, avocado and more.  It tastes great with a side of sweet potato fries so if you are in a “burger” type mood, then this is the one for you.

Credit: Foxy John’s

Their Homemade Crab Cake and Sweet Chili Chicken Wings are two that I highly recommend ordering if you are in craving some yummy appetizers.  The sweet chili sauce on those chicken wings are absurdly amazing, enough so that I would bottle it up and bring it home.  The crab cake comes with a roasted corn and black bean salsa with some tartar sauce for dipping, all of which are wonderful in your mouth.  Overall, this is a great spot to vibe at, and one I hope you check out very soon.

For more information on Foxy John’s, please check out their official website.


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