Mr. Bing
Credit: Paul Wagtouicz

No, we aren’t talking about Mr. Chandler Bing from Friends here, but something much different and a lot tastier (no offense, Matthew Perry).  Mr. Bing, which is known for selling the popular Northern Chinese street food crepe, commonly known as a jianbing or ‘bing’ for short, is opening three new locations in NYC this October.  Get your taste buds ready, folks!

The goal of Mr. Bring is to bring Chinese street food to the masses here in Manhattan.  Simple as that.  The fall is an excellent season to enjoy some time out with friends and family in the (eventual) crisp weather we will be having, and the variety of Bings that you can get will definitely be warm and keep you full throughout the day.

Here are the three locations that are opening this month!   All in different great parts of the city that are easily accessible via many of our subway lines.

  • Broadway Bites (Greeley Square), open now through November 10: This kiosk is the first Mr Bing location to sell the sweet Nutella Bing.
  • St. Marks Pop-Up (115 St. Marks Place), grand opening on October 14: The first location to offer seating and late hours; wine and beer coming later this fall. The first 100 customers will enjoy a free bing on the Saturday, October 14 grand opening at 11 AM.
  • Flatiron Cart (200 5th Avenue in front of the General William Jenkins Worth Monument), opening mid-October: The permanent cart will offer the full menu, with breakfast bings launching later this fall.

Some of the bings that sound absolutely delicious include a BBQ Pork Bing with sweet, savory, and juicy Cantonese style roast pork or their Classic Vegetarian Bing with mung bean, rice & wheat flour crepe with scrambled egg, sesame seeds, scallions, hoisin sauce, crispy chili paste, cilantro, and crunchy wontons.

For more information on Mr. Bing, please check out their official website.