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At some point, the cold weather will set in here in Manhattan and many of us are going to want to travel to someplace a bit warmer where we can relax in a pair of shorts, shirt and a smile.  Traveling internationally can always be a super fun experience, as you get firsthand look into another country’s culture and what makes them ultimately so unique, appealing and above all… fun. So where are the best places to travel internationally this winter?

We asked Michael and Gretchen at Extreme Luxury Getaways for their top five favorite spots to visit this winter.  Take a look at their fantastic suggestions!
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Portugal offers a wide variety of experiences, from sites of historical significance to popular beaches to majestic castles. The picturesque town of Sintra, the saints’ festivals, and the unique cuisine and aromatic wines all add to the reasons to put Portugal on your winter bucket list.


Iceland is the place to see the miracle of the Northern Lights as well as an ideal spot to witness whales breaching through the surface of the ocean. To forget the chill of winter, visit Iceland’s geothermic baths. Currently, Iceland tourism is working hard to make the travel experience as memorable as the experiences after landing.

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Spain allows for a multitude of adventures from a stroll through the Rioja wine region, to the multicultural experience of Seville. The cuisine is bold and delectable, the culture and history rich and engaging, and the people, warm and welcoming. If nothing else, the spectacle of the bullfights is literary and unforgettable.


Ireland may not offer a hot dichotomy to the chill winds of winter, but the peacefulness of the monasteries one can visit warm the traveler from the inside. The underrated cuisine, which is seeing innovations in Ireland as well as in NY, can keep the belly warm and full. The forts from the Middle Ages transport the traveler back hundreds of years, mostly unchanged and flooded with grey and green tones.


Morocco is rich with palaces, churches, mosques and other history-rich landmarks. The beaches range from accessible and beautiful to simple beautiful from the shore. Camel tours across a stretch of the Sahara will wash away any winter blues, replacing them with golden sands and, when you return for a meal, herb-lamb dishes and amazingly aromatic teas.

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