Tiffani Thiessen
Credit: The Kellogg Company

Millions of us fell in love with Tiffani Thiessen nearly thirty years ago, when she got her big break on the hit show Saved by the Bell.  Since then, she has achieved success in many different facets, including her own popular cooking show Dinner at Tiffani’s, and most recently her involvement with the delicious pairing of Keebler’s Town House Crackers & Hummus.

Tiffani was recently in Manhattan to launch a huge bike brigade across the city, where she and many helpers delivered the variety of Town House Crackers and Hummus to a bunch of adoring fans. The two scrumptious options include Town House Pita Mediterranean Herb and Flatbread Crisps Sea Salts and Olive Oil.  The event turned out to be a big success!

She was nice enough to sit down with me at Manhattan Digest to discuss her love of Town House crackers and hummus, why she is such a foodie, her favorite spot to eat in Manhattan and her upcoming Netflix series Alexa & Katie.

What got you involved with the delicious crackers from Town House?

Hummus is actually a big staple in my house. Its quick and easy and something my kids love. So when Town House approached me with this great snack pack I jumped at it. As a working mom its good to know you can have something wholesome to grab on the go.

Do you have a favorite hummus that you like to dip them into?

The snack packs actually come with their own hummus that you don’t even need to refrigerate. Convenient and delicious!

So many people know you from acting but you are also a fantastic cooking show host. How did that process start?

I was shooting my show, White Collar, in NYC and I had this idea for a cooking show. It was based off my love of entertaining. I would love to host my family and friends. So I called and set up a meeting with Food Network… and well, the rest is history. We had three great seasons of the show and I have my first cookbook coming out next fall!

Have you always been a major foodie?

Ever since I was little I would watch the women in my family cooking in the kitchen together and having fun. So of course I wanted in on the action! Then as I started to travel the world my love of food just expanded even more.

What is your favorite restaurant to go to when you are in Manhattan?

Oh wow, hardest question ever. You are talking about one of the best food cities in our country! I can’t just pick one.

Can you also tell us about your upcoming Netflix show Alexa & Katie?

It’s a family comedy about two girls embarking into high school. I play the mother of Alexa. That’s kind of new for me. Not playing a mother so much, but playing a mother of teenagers. The show has a lot of heart and it has been so fun working with everyone.

What would you say is the best advice to give to anyone who wants to have a career as successful as yours?

Oh wow. Another hard question. I would have to say stay determined, focus on the goal and visualize what you want.

For more information on Town House crackers, check out their official site.  For more on Tiffani Thiessen, click here.