Credit: Hooters

For a brand to have longevity like Hooters has had over the past thirty years, they must be doing something right.  Their tagline has been “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined”, however if you go beyond that statement and see what the company is really about, you will find that there has been an elevated upgrade in how Hooters has transitioned themselves since it started in 1983.

I stopped by their Manhattan location, right outside Penn Station, on 33rd Street between 7th and 6th Avenue, over the weekend to really enjoy my first ever Hooters experience.  Even though I am gay, I can still enjoy these sorts of things as there is a misconception that only “frat” type guys are there to watch the game and girls in tight clothes.

That really isn’t the case.  Sure, there were guys there, but in the sprawling two-level location, you did find an assortment of people there including families, relationships and more who just wanted to have a good time out.  Going beyond the stereotype can really be a good thing for yourself, as its not always the best thing to listen to outside voices/reviews and see for yourself if you would like something.  Hooters did that for me.

The space is great for said games, but also to get a great view of 7th Avenue as this particular area is one of the busiest in Manhattan.  Not to mention they have merchandise for sale on the second floor, where you can buy everything from hats to t-shirts and so much more in support of the Hooters brand.

I’m a huge fan of high-quality bar food, or bar food nonetheless. As long as its prepared well, then you will find a happy Ryan.  Hooters has a fantastic selection of this type of food to feast on while you are enjoying the environment they provide.

Credit: Hooters

Take for instance, their variety of wings, which is hands down one of my favorite types of “bar” foods out there.   They served us with two different types of wings, all of which had an amazing flavor to them.  The Naked Blackened one comes with a mix of spices, served crispy and unbreaded.  For those who don’t like sauce on their wings, this is the perfect example of what to order as the flavors explode in your mouth without making things too messy.

The other kind that we really loved was their Daytona Beach Style Wings, which was finger licking FREAKING good.  The sauce is sweet, a nice treat, and ready to eat.  Nothing more, nothing less, just a damn good wing.

Credit: Hooters

If you are jonesing for appetizers there before the wings, might I suggest their Fried Pickles, Buffalo Shrimp and Jumbo Pretzel.  Just eat them.  It’s hard to really write about, as these are three of my favorite types of appetizers, with the pretzel being my favorite as it came with both honey mustard and a cheese sauce that was deliciously dunkable.  Yum.

Credit: Hooters

For dessert, save some room for their Chocolate Mousse and Key Lime Pie.  Best way to end the meal, as both have some great qualities about them that merit a excellent finisher.

Hooters also gives back in many ways.  This past weekend, the Hooters girls honored NYC’s bravest for National First Responders Day, where they offered them a complimentary entrée from a special menu, as well as made some special stops at local precincts for the big day.

Don’t be fooled, Hooters is great.  Definitely a place to stop in ASAP.  For more information, check out their official site.