Pennsy Food Hall
Credit: Rogers and Cowan

A trend that is becoming rampant here in Manhattan is the emergence and fun presence of food halls.  Gone are the days where we rush to a fast casual “conglomerate” type of location, where the food is good but sub-par for the most part.  Pennsy Food Hall, for example, provides several different chef-driven eateries insides its massive location where taste, comfort and convenience of location are the driving points for what makes it such a fun place to be inside.

For anyone who commutes in and out of New York City, one spot we’ve all been inside at some point is Penn Station.  Pennsy Food Hall is located right outside of Penn Station, where Borders Books used to be, and is the absolute perfect spot to head to before out for the night or seeing a game or concert at the legendary Madison Square Garden.

Credit: Rogers and Cowan

We all have picky eaters in our lives, which can be troublesome when choosing the right location to dine and dish at.  Luckily, Pennsy Food Hall provides so many different types of cuisines, that even the pickiest of eaters won’t have a hard time in choosing which place to enjoy.  Whether it’s sushi, pizza, tacos or more, this new hotspot has you covered and more.

I stopped by there with a friend this past Saturday night to try some of what Pennsy Food Hall had to offer, and was quite impressed with what we were served.  If you go in with an empty stomach and a will to eat an assortment of different cuisines, then here is what I recommend you enjoying while you are there.

Credit: Rogers and Cowan

Let’s start with Taco Dumbo, which is inspired by the southern California lifestyle when it comes to their epic tacos and so much more.  If you’re a budget guy like me, you can still spend about $10 there and get the best bang for your buck with their variety of tacos on soft corn tortillas or jicama-lettuce wraps and a tasty side.  The best taco I tried that night was their Rotisserie Chicken Tinga, which was bursting with flavor, as well as their Mexican Street Corn Cup as a side.  I’m obsessed with Street Corn, and they did it justice as it was warm and had all the right flavors to make for a perfect side dish.

Credit: Rogers and Cowan

Moving along, Pennsy Food Hall hosts the legendary Pat LaFrieda Meats, as its the first option you see when you walk inside the massive location.  Their concept is simple: grab-n-go and made-to-order sandwiches for the busy Manhattanite.  What to choose though?  There are plenty of hearty options inside, including Chicken and Prime Rib, but my heart was set on their Grandpa’s Meatball Sandwich which was wedged between a ciabatta roll.  Superbly delicious, as you really can’t go wrong with a meatball, and such a difference with the type of bread I had it on but it tasted fabulous.

Credit: Rogers and Cowan

Finally, The Cinnamon Snail was another highlight for me and my friend, as they bring the world of food truck inside Pennsy Food Hall.  They are known for taking a vegan concept and making it explode with flavor in an assortment of dishes.  I am not the biggest vegan fan whatsoever, however their Jalapeno Mac n Cheese was amazing, as there was a ton of heat inside one of my favorite side dishes of all time, and was made with tapioca cheese which I’ve never had before but would try again in a heartbeat.

Pennsy Food Hall also has a spot called Sabi Sushi i and another vegan spot called The Little Beet to try.  I would highly recommend stopping by there to experience the culinary assortment of your dreams.  For more information, please check out their official website.



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