Credit: Atwood, Sports Bar & Lounge

There are a ton of sports bars in Manhattan, all kind of with this whole “run of the muck” situation in that it’s hard to differentiate one from another.  Atwood Sports Bar & Lounge does that and then some, as they are able to take what is commonly referred to as “bar food” and elevate it to levels that you stop feeling like you are in a sports bar and start feeling like you are dining on some delicious, mouthwatering and sophisticated options.

Credit: Atwood, Kitchen & Bar Facebook

We first stopped by Atwood around the same time last year, which opened up in the heart of Midtown East right off the 6 line.  That space is also one you should check out, for so many reasons.

Credit: Atwood, Kitchen & Bar Room Facebook

Atwood also recently competed in the 2nd annual Movember Ball’s Meatball Competition to raise awareness for men’s health issues and did pretty well based on how my taste buds reacted.  They also did Time Out New York’s Grilled Cheese Meltdown and served grilled cheese to 3000 people – the options all come from their new grilled cheese section on the menu.

The concept around Atwood is pretty simple.  A moderately sized location, with a great bar for viewing the latest games and a nice seating area in the back.  The food, however, is out of this world amazing, and they recently added on some bomb new menu items to try and sink your teeth into.  No joke, I had so much leftover when I got home that my midnight snack became one of the best parts of my busy week.

Credit: Atwood Sports Kitchen & Bar

Let’s start with their appetizers, or as they call them, “munchies”.  If you are really hungry, then I would definitely recommend their Giant Bavarian Pretzel, as it is as Donald Trump says, “UUUUUGEEEE!” It’s a soft pretzel with mustard sauce, and a great welcome to Manhattan if you haven’t been here before. Not only that, but their Street Corn AKA Corn on the Cob with Cotija cheese, papriki and chipotle aioli is smashing with flavor as this type of corn happens to be my favorite to eat.  Simply scrumptious.

I am a wing king when it comes to the amount of wings I eat on a yearly basis, and theirs comes in four outstanding flavors: buffalo, sweet BBQ, hot honey and garlic parmesan.  All work, but stick with the sweet BBQ if you want something that won’t burn your mouth and leave a yummy feeling inside.

Credit: Atwood Sports Kitchen & Bar

For their entrees, a classic like their Grilled Chicken Sandwich or their sandwich of the month, which happens to be a Turkey Burger, is perfect in all the ways it needs to be.  The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is bursting with flavor, thanks to the roasted garlic aioli that compliments the dish overall, and the Turkey Burger has so much flavor packed into it that you forget you are not eating a regular burger at all.

Overall, this is a great spot to head to in the wintertime and beyond, and is definitely a highlight of the ever booming food scene in Midtown East.

For more information about Atwood, please check out their official website.