Bernic Hotel
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Traveling to Manhattan and need a great place to stay?  There are several options that work best, but if you are all about the east side of The Big Apple and want to experience all it has to offer, then The Bernic Hotel is a great option for you to check into.  Here are some fantastic reasons why this (still new) hotspot is your check in location for the winter and beyond.

Credit: STUNTMANpr

The fabulous things about The Bernic Hotel runs in the plenty.  For one, location is one of their strong points given that they are only blocks from Grand Central and a myriad of other fantastic spots in New York City.  Even better, getting to the west side is barely a hassle as you can simple take the shuttle from Grand Central and you are in the heart of Times Square.

Bernic Hotel
Pollo Mt. Etna at Allora. Delicious! Credit: Ryan Shea

Not only that, but the block it is on alone has two amazing food options that if you are superbly hungry and don’t feel like going too far away, you don’t have to!  One of the options is Allora, which is some of the best Italian food this writer has ever experienced.  Even better, it’s right at the entrance of the hotel to your left.  It has a classic and intimate setting, with dishes such as their Rigatoni Alla Bolognese and Gnocchi Pesto leaving you feeling full and happy.  This is one not to be missed.  More info here.

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The Bernic Hotel is still fairly new, having only been open for a year now, yet competes with the big dogs of New York City in terms of what you are able to get. Their rooms are affordable, no matter which kind you are booking, and not only that but are roomy, comfortable and give a great view of Manhattan.  If you have a couple of extra dollars, I would recommend staying in their Studio Suite King as it’s a great option for the busy business person who wants to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Other amenities include a delicious breakfast in bed, discounts for AARP and AAA members, and an amazing guesthouse for you and your partner or friend to stay in to really give you that incredible NYC feeling.  They also have some wonderful discounts going on for the holiday season that is worth checking out.

Credit: STUNTMANpr

Overall, if you are coming to NYC and looking for a great place to crash, then The Bernic Hotel is your answer and then some.  For more information on The Bernic Hotel, please check out their official website.