Bree Taylor
Credit: Bree Taylor

When it comes to the entertainment industry, it is always a good thing to be known for your talents in more than one genre.  In Bree Taylor’s situation, it’s not one, not two or three, but four aspects of the industry that she excels in.  Bree is a popular YouTube star, actress, beauty/makeup consultant and singer who just released a killer new track that everyone should hear.

Bree Taylor has developed a massive social media following, due to all of these elements that have turned her into a quadruple threat at such a young age.  The Canadian born and bred talent is shaping herself up for a big 2018, with the release of her new song “What’re You Looking For” as well as some other fun projects she has in the works.

Bree breaks down the Toronto music scene for this Manhattanite, why she is a big fan of Taylor Swift, her new song and plans moving forward.  Check it out.

As I am from NYC, can you tell me what the Toronto music scene is like?

The music scene here in Toronto is incredible and so alive! There are so many amazing and talented musicians and bands in Toronto and many opportunities to perform and share your music here. There is a lot of support in the community for up and coming artists of different sounds and genres which is so amazing for us all.

You seem like a quadruple threat with all the things you have going on.  What is your biggest passion?

AWE! Thank you so much – that is so sweet. Honestly, music has always been my biggest passion in life. I have always been a creative person, so all the things I do are my ways of expressing myself creatively, but music and writing is what makes my soul happy at the end of the day. I love being able to express myself and my experiences/emotions in songwriting – I find the entire process so therapeutic. Making music has always been what I wanted to do for a career – the other passions have developed along the way, but music is where my heart is.

How did you develop such a big YouTube following?

It started just by me turning to YouTube as an escape and place to express myself creatively. I have had many channels on YouTube and built my initial following based on makeup tutorials, reviews etc. As I have grown as a person and my interests have changed so has my channel. At the end of the day, I think what people really respond to is my honesty and integrity. I am always completely honest with my viewers about my experiences in life as well as with products/brands/services. No matter what I post content wise, I put my heart and soul into it and am always myself which I think makes me relatable not only on my YouTube channel but translates in my music as well.

Going into the music side of things, who would you say is your biggest music inspiration?

Honestly right now I would have to say, Taylor Swift. She is a POWERHOUSE! She is an incredible songwriter, has built such an impressive career and cultivated a strong brand and presence in the industry. I admire her so much. Taylor Swift is always pushing the limits creatively and her writing is always so real and filled with emotion that everyone can connect to – even if it’s a more upbeat, fun dance song. As a songwriter myself I love what she is doing musically, lyrically and with her career all round. She is motivating fans to buy actual albums again which is amazing in this day of streaming and I love that!

Tell us about your new single “What’re You Looking For” and how it came to be.

Well, like all my songs, this song is based off a specific experience in my life that inspired me. I write from the heart and like my lyrics to reflect honest emotions. However, this song has become about so much more than the experience that inspired it initially. It is about how so many guys, nowadays don’t know what they want when it comes to a relationship or dating and end up wasting a great girl’s time playing games. With all the dating apps now; guys find it so easy to meet girls and are so often looking for something casual and have a fear of commitment. They’ve gotten lazy when it comes to romance and pursuing a woman and letting a relationship develop naturally over time and getting to know someone.

This song is about having the self-respect to walk away from a situation or person that does not fulfil you or give you what you want. We all deserve to feel loved and wanted and to be someone’s number one and that’s what I want people to take away from the song.

 What are some of your big plans going into 2018?

Some of my plans for 2018 are that I am going to be a part of Rise Up TV airing in Fall 2018 and filming in May 2018. I am really excited to tour across Ontario with a bunch of amazing and talented artists and perform at some incredible venues. I am also going to be finally releasing my EP in 2018 that I am super excited about and of course working on a lot of new music.

Finally, what is your biggest goal you would like to accomplish in your career?

My biggest goal that I want to accomplish is to build a career where I can make music and perform/tour all over the world for as long as possible. It would be a privilege to have the opportunity to write, record and perform original music every single day of my life – that would be my ultimate dream. I would also love to have the opportunity to take my acting career further and bring to life some great characters/story lines in Film/TV – that has been a dream of mine as well.

For more information on Bree Taylor, please check out her official website.