10 best restaurants
Credit: Street Taco

We kicked off our end of year foodie celebration on Thursday with part one of our list of 10 best restaurants we’ve visited in 2017, with some stellar choices that included Allora, Richard Sandoval’s Pampano, Greenwich Steakhouse, Two Forks and The Rainbow Room.  Today, we conclude our list of the 10 best restaurants and we may have saved the best for last.

Here are the remaining five spots from our 10 best restaurants list that we think you’ll be enjoying in 2018 and beyond.

Park Avenue Tavern
Credit: Park Avenue Tavern Instagram

Park Avenue Tavern: Murray Hill

Park Avenue Tavern makes our 10 best restaurants list for several reasons, one being the location of it.  It’s conveniently located only a couple of blocks from Grand Central, and is worth the 3 minute walk over as they totally excel in brunch, lunch and dinner.  New American cuisine is one that never really goes out of style for me (sort of like a Chanel suit, as Carrie Bradshaw would say on SATC), and Park Avenue Tavern proves that with its scrumptiously classic dishes.  Favorite Dish: Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich with baconslawhoney aioli and kettle chips.

Street Taco
Credit: Street Taco

Street Taco: Kips Bay

Street Taco is a brand new location that opened up in Kips Bay this year, which provides mouthwatering tacos, flautas, desserts, drinks and more at a very reasonable price while still getting your money’s worth.  The design of the location is also incredibly colorful and is a welcomed neighbor in Kips Bay for sure, as the summertime saw it become absolutely packed for good reason.  Favorite Dish:  Fried Shrimp Tacos with slawsweet chili & cilantro.

Credit: Pinch Chinese

Pinch Chinese: South Village

Pinch Chinese made our list of 10 best restaurants simply because it was our favorite dumplings we had this year (until last week, more to come).  Their version of soup dumplings are absolutely phenomenal, as they pack so much flavor into each of them as they work beautifully for any season you go there. Favorite Dish: Seafood & Pork Surf Dumplings.

Sen Sakana
Credit: Sen Sakana

Sen Sakana: Midtown West

Fusions always have a way of working in Manhattan, and blending Japanese and Peruvian cuisines work incredibly for Sen Sakana, which also opened this year right in Midtown West. The menu is very large with options, both cold and hot, that will test your palate as the diverse taste of each definitely will wake them up and invite you to try something you never thought you would before.  Favorite Dish: Unagi Hako (Rice, Avocado, topped with Crispy Quinoa, Unagi, Tamago, Sanso, Bonito Flakes and Aji Panka Amakara).

Credit: Hakkasan

Hakkasan: Midtown West

Our most recent foodie find blew us away in so many ways, that it left us thinking if this was the best restaurant we’ve visited all year.  Hakkasan easily makes our list of the 10 best restaurants as they excel in Cantonese cuisine like no others.  From the dumplings to the Peking Duck with and without caviar, to the incredible ambiance they provide, they were a no brainer for us to choose as they hit it out of the park with everything they did for us that night. Favorite Dish: Black Sesame and Chocolate Dumplings.